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The wide-spread misinformation of a virus causing an epidemic.

by Eddie Rayner

With the entire world talking about the large-scale spreading of this virus, it is important to stay well informed as misinformation tends to be passed around faster than any virus can be.

When it comes to medical concerns and protecting yourself and your children from illness, it is highly encouraged to do your research and understand the issue very well before ordering a hazmat suit and isolating yourself from the public.

Why is it an epidemic?

Oxford Dictionary defines an epidemic as “a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease in a community at a particular time.” Despite the fact that there are at least 78,000 cases globally, every country is doing their best to keep it well contained.

The UAE has reported 21 cases of the virus since the 28th of January.

What is the source of the virus?

Corona virus is a large family of viruses that are common in people, The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that there are many different types, some that are in animals. Although it is rare for corona viruses to spread from animals to people, it can still happen.

The first cases of COVID-19 has been reported in people who have been exposed to animal markets. However, as the epidemic grew, even people who have not had any recent exposure to animals have been reported ill – Suggesting person-to-person spread.

The cases that have been reported in the UAE are due to traveling. Because the UAE welcomes around one million people daily

How is it spread?

This virus isn’t believed to be an airborne virus. However it does travel through air in small particles like saliva when a person sneezes. it is best to keep your distance from someone who has been infected or is showing symptoms?

How do i prevent getting infected?

Health experts are suggesting basic hygiene practices such as

  • Washing your hands with anti-bacterial soap
  • keeping distance from ill people
  • avoid crowded spaces if possible
  • cough into your elbow
  • Avoid touching dirty things like public door handles, bathroom doors, ect.

What about masks?

There are two types of masks that are commonly sold to the public:

Surgery masks

N95 masks

These masks are designed to provide a barrier between your mouth and the outside world to prevent particles being inhaled. Most masks aren’t made in children sizes which and a lot of people tend to not wear them properly, causing the barrier to be ineffective. The virus is much smaller and can go through the mask in most cases. As mentioned earlier, it is best to just steer clear of infected people and make sure you are keeping up with your hygiene

It won’t hurt to wear a mask, but if you chose not to – do not worry.

It is very important to stay up to date when it comes to viruses that are spreading globally. We encourage you to do further research and make sure to teach yourself and your children how to be during this international crisis.