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The University of Wollongong in Dubai Now Offers Three-year Bachelor Degrees

by Eddie Rayner

The University of Wollongong in Dubai (UOWD), the first international university and the highest-ranked Australian university in the UAE, has announced its bachelor degrees will align seamlessly with those offered at the University of Wollongong (UOW) Australia. This alignment allows students who have excelled academically at select high school curricula to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years instead of four. Upon graduation, students will receive a worldwide-recognised degree from UOW Australia that is accredited by the UAE’s Ministry of Education.

This change is in line with the UAE’s National Strategy for Higher Education 2030 that aims to shape an innovative educational system and provide future generations with the necessary technical and practical knowledge and skills to contribute proactively to driving the economy. The opportunity to complete bachelor degrees in three years is available to all students who have excelled academically in curricula such as CBSE, GCE A level, IB Diploma, and the American High School Diploma. This pertains to all UOWD bachelor degrees, excluding the Bachelor of Engineering, a four-year honours programme.

Students can finish their bachelor’s degree in three years, instead of existing four-year programmes

Professor Mohamed Salem,President of UOWD,said: “As a future-focused higher education institution, we aim to continuously improve and tailor our offerings to meet today’s dynamic labour market requirements. This important restructuring of our bachelor degrees recognises the differences between the needs of students from different secondary education systems, thus allowing many UOWD future students to graduate faster and at a lower cost.

“To achieve greater flexibility, the bachelor degrees curriculum was structured to allow either a direct entry to a standard Australian three-year bachelor degree or indirectly through an additional bespoke University Freshman Year. Doing so allows students more time to prepare to enter the workforce and plan their future career paths, giving them a head start in the world of work. Furthermore, to ensure a competitive edge, all UOWD students will receive an international, world-class degree from UOW Australia that is accredited both locally and globally.”

Eligibility for three-year bachelor degrees depends on the high school curriculum, grades achieved, English proficiency

Degrees align with those offered at the home campus, University of Wollongong, Australia

The University Freshman Year allows prospective students who do not directly qualify for a three-year programme to enrol in any UOWD bachelor’s degree.

The UAE Ministry of Education accredits all UOWD bachelor degrees through the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA). The CAA accreditation offers assurances to prospective students, their families, employers, and other interested parties by ensuring the programmes meet standards of quality consistent with current international practice and is universally recognised for credit transfer and further education abroad opportunities. This is a major boon for students who are looking to confidently start a life abroad.  

The eligibility for direct admission into three-year bachelor programs is subject to the student’s high school curriculum, grades achieved and English proficiency level.

  • CBSE students require a score of 65% and above
  • British GCE (A level) students require a minimum grade of ‘CCD’ in A levels
  • American High School Diploma students require an overall SAT score of 1,100
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma students need to achieve 25 points overall

UOWD offers more than 40 degrees spanning 10 industry sectors that have been meticulously designed to address future global workforce demands and boasts a strong placement rate, with 77% of its graduates finding employment within six months of receiving their degree certificates. The new announcement comes on the back of the Australian university’s recent 200,000-square-foot ‘Campus of the Future’ launch, featuring a mix of traditional and innovative creative learning spaces that provide students with an educational experience that enables them to thrive in tomorrow’s workplace environment.