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The Perfect Day Out for Young Thrill Seekers

by Eddie Rayner

With screen time at an all-time high, there is an evident spike in interest for outdoor adventures as the preferred getaway among the youth.

Over the past year, the line between our physical and virtual worlds have blurred more than ever, urging people to build a sustainable balance in their lifestyle. Young people are now choosing to have a more meaningful experience away from the screen, where they can merge their time for building social interactions with some form of physical activity.

Enrich your life by engaging in fun physical activities

Here are five reasons why trying an outdoor adventure experience with friends at Circuit X can help enrich your life by engaging in fun physical activities:

  • Work-life balance: Don’t wait for travel restrictions to ease to take some time off and de-stress. Outdoor trips can help you disconnect from technology, reconnect with nature, and reset yourself to not only remain productive but also light up your creativity.
  • Reconnect with nature: Exploring new terrains and discovering stunning views at Hudayriyat Island helps create an awareness of the environment and an understanding of the reciprocal relationship between humankind and the outdoors.
  • Bonding together: Being stuck at home during the pandemic can feel incredibly isolating. Enjoying a fun and stimulating experience with your friends and family helps you disconnect from the hectic daily routine and be in the present. By doing something out of the ordinary, you create lifelong memories that strengthen your bonds.
  • Caring for your body and mind: It’s no secret that excessive sitting negatively impacts posture and health. Physical activity, in nature, comes with a whole range of health benefits from muscular strength to mental wellness. With an array of thrilling experiences such as high ropes obstacles, a climbing wall and zip-lining to skating and biking, you can find the perfect outdoor adventure activity to feel more energised and empowered.
  • Adding vigour: Outdoor activities challenge you to go out of your comfort zone. Being exposed to unpredictable courses puts your adaptation skills into action. Whether it’s trying a new outdoor sport or taking your skills to the next level, a spirit of adventure will undoubtedly lead your confidence levels to grow.

“Circuit X was built on the belief that people’s lives can be enriched when they explore new adventures together and develop new skills. Events of the last year have only made these basic human needs more crucial to our wellbeing. Through the different exhilarating experiences at our parks, we are not only helping people put their body and minds in motion, but also helping them enjoy the present moment with friends,” Hadi said. 

Circuit X is spread across 15,000m2

Located within Modon’s Hudayriy at Leisure and Entertainment District, Circuit X is spread across 15,000m2. Home to four action-packed parks, The BMX Park, High Ropes Park, Skate Park, and Splash & Climb Park within Marsana, the destination offers four exciting ways to enrich the winter break for your children.

For further information on Circuit X, call +971-2-691-0302 or visit www.circuitxuae.com