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The Nation’s Health

by Eddie Rayner

A visit to a dairy farm can be an unforgettable experience for children, a fun and educational way to see dairy cows up close and connect with the farmers who produce the nutritious dairy products that the entire family enjoys.

There is nowhere better to do this than Al Rawabi Dairy Company which, currently celebrating its 30th anniversary, offers a wide range of wholesome products, including milk, laban, and 17 varieties of juice.

Home to 15,000 cows, Al Rawabi produces 350,000 litres of fresh milk and 200,000 litres of juice products every single day. Moreover, it is the only dairy company in the UAE to have an automated cooling system protecting herds from the heat.

On the tour, students see where the calves are taken care of and observe the adult cows during their fully automated milking session. Students are also educated on how the fresh milk is homogenised and pasteurised, as well as discovering how it is processed into different variants and bottles. A small session at the end of the tour discusses the benefits of low fat and low sugar milk.

Youngsters are more inclined to make healthy choices when they visit Al Rawabi Dairy Company, particularly when they know the milk is coming fresh from the cows. These choices include Nutree Boost, a Laban enriched with Oats & fruits, vitamins, and minerals that is low in sugar and fat, and comes in five different flavors – Strawberry, Vanilla, Orange, Mango, and Peach, Green Tea & Oats. Meanwhile, another increasingly popular product, Super Milk is the nation’s first multivitamin-enriched and Vitamin D milk, which helps fight the ongoing Vitamin D deficiency in the UAE. All products are available at major supermarkets across the UAE.

In 2018, Al Rawabi welcomed 12,000 school students on weekdays and 32,000 families on weekends to tour the farm. Get in contact with Al Rawabi Dairy Company to find out more about the educational farm tour.

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