The Bus that Bytes

by admin

Innoventures Education’s Raffles Nurseries and Raffles Starters have launched a fun, engaging, and innovative initiative for young learners – Bug Bytes. Using a specially designed age appropriate bus, children between three and four years will have access to a whole world of new experiences, turning them into curious learners.

The Bug Bytes customised air-conditioned bus will visit Raffles’ nurseries and schools across Dubai, and is equipped with HP tablets, robotic kits, LCD screens, an HP 3D scanner, and a printer. This initiative is part of the ‘World on Wheels’ project, which aims to bring mobile technology across the Innoventures Education network.

Poonam Bhojani, CEO of  Innoventures Education, said: “Innoventures Education schools and nurseries believe in using technology as a tool to accelerate the learning process, incorporating networked learning environments where students explore their own ideas, develop skills, and build confidence through the use of technology, in a fun, child-friendly way.”