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The Best Jobs for Creative Thinkers

by Eddie Rayner

Taxi drivers will soon take the back seat of a driverless car, augmented reality wearable devices will disrupt tour agencies, and robots and 3D printers will replace workers in the manufacturing industry. Fadi Abdul Khalek believes these are just a few examples of how career landscapes can shift with the advancement of science and technology and everything they touch.

We are on the verge of what experts are calling a Fourth Industrial Revolution. For many, this presents an alarming challenge. On the other hand, however, this same advancement presents an enormous opportunity for those who are adequately skilled and equipped. And there is no doubt that one of the most common words that will influence future careers is the word ‘creative’.

On the soft skills level, creative thinkers can add value to any job with their ability to generate, develop, and express unique and original ideas and apply a creative approach to problem-solving. On the technical level, creative industries are fast replacing the traditional ones. From animation and 3D modelling to robotics, data science, and artificial intelligence, these are industries that are creating many of the jobs of the future, albeit, at the expense of some traditional jobs.

No matter what change technology might bring, creative thinkers, people with imagination and innovative ideas, will always prevail

Take a career in marketing, as an example, within any industry. While AI algorithms are replacing certain marketing roles (telemarketing, digital Ad placement, etc.), more creative roles within the marketing function – marketing content design and production, for instance – are only filled by people with the right set of creative skills. Likewise, a career in art and design, which covers a wide range of activities, demand a certain set of creative skills. These skills will drive a successful career, which machines can never fully replace.

If your children are fans of Freej, an Emirati 3D computer-animated television series, it may be because your kids are good at animation or visual graphics. Again, these are the jobs of the future, for creative thinkers, who explore and create new ways in their own traditional career paths.

Since the online world has become an integral part of our life, communication and brand reputation managers have also become a necessity for many organisations. The penetration of smartphones has opened a new avenue of app development. Mobile apps have become a new norm, from mobile banking, communication, food delivery, ride-hailing – the list is endless.

Videogaming is another booming industry where designers, animators, programmers, and engineers are paving solid and sustainable career paths through their innovation, imagination, and creative thinking.

Flexibility, agility, adaptability, and creative problem solving are all important skills for the future. While it is almost impossible to predict what the workforce of the future will look like, the way we work is going through a fundamental transformation. The conclusion is straightforward; no matter what change technology might bring, creative thinkers, people with imagination and innovative ideas, will always prevail.

Fadi Abdul Khalek is the Managing Director at SAE Dubai.