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The App That Makes Life Easier

by Eddie Rayner

“The Kiddo app is super easy to use,” says Alicia Kedzierski, whose child attends Homegrown Nursery (Al Safa). “Previously, I had been largely unaware of what was available locally for my daughter. Typically, I relied on recommendations from other parents who don’t live in the same part of town, so it resulted in a fair bit of travel. The app has changed that. It’s effortless to search through and find the best activities for your child’s age range and what they’re interested in. It’s also a major bonus to be able to pay through the app using Apple Pay, which I already had, so no need to set up anything new.”

Kiddo takes about two minutes set up, and because users input preferences, such as the child’s age, location, and interests, it doesn’t bombard the user with information that is not relevant. “There is also a feature that lets you see what people you know are doing,” explains Alicia, “so a few friends and I are hoping to use this to see more of each other!

“It is definitely an app that can make life much easier for busy parents. My husband is on it too now,” she concludes.