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Tadweer Runs Virtual Awareness Campaign

by Eddie Rayner

Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre (Tadweer) has launched a virtual awareness campaign targeting students, parents and teaching staff of the emirate’s kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities.

Run in close collaboration with the UAE Ministry of Education and Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK), the drive aims to support the emirate’s efforts to promote environmental awareness and encourage students and staff to adopt an environmentally responsible behaviour. Through the campaign, Tadweer is also highlighting its prominent role in protecting Abu Dhabi’s environment and public health and safety.

Set to run until the beginning of 2021, the drive targets 9,000 students, and focuses on increasing their awareness about various environmental issues, instilling a positive mental attitude. Tadweer seeks to educate them about the proper methods to handle various types of waste and control pests.

Drive conducted in collaboration with ADEK, Ministry of Education

To engage students and teaching staff with this campaign theme, Tadweer is hosting a series of interactive sessions that outline various challenges and risks associated with improper waste management, which causes serious damage to the environment. Furthermore, the campaign actively promotes greater environmental responsibility among participants through telecasting informative awareness videos and photographs on safe waste disposal in designated areas, and conducting various activities such as quiz competitions, awareness workshops and lectures.

The activities included in the campaign are designed to suit various age groups, especially kindergarten students who are shown simple videos and virtual workshops to ensure they understand the campaign’s messages in an effective manner.

Centre hosts series of activities to encourage students to adopt sound environmental behavior

The campaign is also reaching out to students from the preparatory level through informative videos, lively discussions, and interactive workshops where teaching staff and campaign supervisors answer their queries.

As part of the campaign, Tadweer is also distributing drawings and leaflets illustrating proper methods to dispose and reuse waste, while encouraging students to place waste in designated bins only. Tadweer is also introducing students to its complementary services that can be requested by contacting the Abu Dhabi Government Contact Centre on 800 555.

Furthermore, the awareness campaign features interactive discussions on effective measures to manage solid waste and control pests, mosquitoes, insects, rodents and stray animals. These sessions also highlight the importance of Tadweer’s role in turning waste from an environment burden into a vital economic resource for Abu Dhabi.

Campaign targets 9,000 students, focuses on increasing awareness about various environmental issues

His Excellency Dr Salem Al Kaabi, Director General of Tadweer, said: “This comprehensive virtual awareness campaign articulates Tadweer’s strategic objectives and continued efforts to elevate environmental awareness and promote safe and environmentally friendly practices in handling waste and controlling pests. Achieving this objective mandates the active participation of various society segments, especially students.

“To ensure the success of the drive, we have developed an integrated awareness plan that includes various tactics to elevate the level of awareness among students and introduce them to Tadweer’s efforts to create a healthy and safe environment for all. We will continue to host such awareness campaigns given their importance in promoting proper and safe waste handling and preventing irresponsible practices.”

Al Kaabi also thanked ADEK, the Ministry of Education and the administrations of schools, colleges, and universities for their efforts to ensure the campaign’s success. This support has been crucial in achieving the campaign’s objectives of preserving the aesthetic appeal of the emirate and promoting its sustainable development.