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Taaleem’s Statement In Response To The Cancellation Of IB Exams

by Eddie Rayner

“The IB have announced that they are following the lead of other examination bodies and that the summer 2020 examinations are now cancelled. 

This was not unexpected news for our schools and in anticipation of this we already had contingency plans in place to mitigate the challenges of this announcement. 

The Taaleem family of schools are well prepared and ready to take the next steps to ensure that none of our students are unfairly disadvantaged by this announcement. Our IB students will continue to work with their teachers to ensure that their assessments truly reflect their performances in their IB study components. These assessments will be used and moderated by the IB to award final examination grades.

The IB will shortly announce how they will provide students with official documentation for use with university admissions now that examinations have been cancelled. We will work closely with our students, many of whom have received offers from colleges and universities, to ensure that they will be able to successfully follow the next planned pathway in their educational journey.

We appreciate that this is a time of great concern for both our students and parents and we have assured them that we will keep them apprised of developments as they happen.  We also committed to communicating factually as information becomes available from the IB and to be wary of information gained from other sources.  Our teachers will be there to support our students both now, throughout the summer and beyond during these unprecedented times and in these exceptional circumstances.” – Gavin Walford-Wright, Chief People, Marketing and Admissions Officer