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Student Support Groups to Empower Youth

by admin

The National Programme for Happiness and Wellbeing has launched student support groups in schools across the UAE in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and as part of the ‘Let’s Talk’ initiative, which targets students in cycles two and three.

The groups seek to empower students to support one another, share their stories and experiences, and talk about the challenges they face and how to address them. In addition to supporting the students, the groups allow them to develop their communication and dialogue skills, embrace positive practices, and cultivate a sense of teamwork.

An academic counsellor and an assistant academic counsellor, with experts in psychology lending support, will administer the sessions. The programme provides coordinators with the necessary training to hone their skills and expertise in directing discussions, which tackle subjects of interest to the students, from mental health and eliminating everyday stress to acquiring social skills and values to improve self-awareness.