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Stay Home, Stay Safe

by Eddie Rayner
Stay home, Stay Safe

As an early childhood educator, I strongly believe that the other things fall in later but our mere existence starts and ends with the Family ❤. So I made an attempt to reach out to the vast audience through these little one’s of my family. All the quarantine babies from the Khan family who are across the globe some hailing from India, while some from the USA and some from my second home Dubai, the place I love to be at if I am not in India, have come together to spread this powerful message of staying safe at home. It makes it all the more strong as it is coming from our little ones who understand the need of the hour to stay at home and stop the chain, and you never know the virus might just disappear.

My big shout out to all the loving parents  – Enjoy this quarantine time with your family & loved one’s. Stay fit, stay healthy mentally and physically as it is the key to a good immune system. Remember this too shall pass. As we pray this tough time to pass by at the earliest, not wishing to welcome such hardships any time in the future.

Let’s live in this moment and cherish it to the fullest.

By Bushra Khan
Early Childhood Educator
Credence High School, Dubai