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Star Education’s Secondary Campus, Star International School Al Qusais, Opens This September

by Eddie Rayner

Star Education, a bespoke network of British educational institutions in Dubai, prepares to officially open a new secondary campus: Star International School Al Qusais. An expansion of one of its highly-esteemed schools, Star International School Al Twar, SIS Al Qusais provides its Secondary student body with a new facility and welcomes new students into its Post-16 programme.

This newly-developed campus sits only minutes away from its main school grounds Star Al Twar, allowing for a seamless transition for all Secondary students to continue their academic journey on new school grounds, with admissions currently open for YR7-YR13. Additionally, the new Al Qusais school boasts of many new facilities, including Olympic-sized sports facilities, on-campus catering, a social café area, art studios, tech labs, eco-friendly learning areas, and much more. 

The British-curriculum school is ready to open its new campus to secondary students for the upcoming academic year with the incorporation of Post-16

One of the school’s greatest points of pride is the eco-friendly indoor and outdoor learning areas, featuring many spaces that each have their own unique purpose for students to engage with nature. Designed to teach students how to connect with the environment and learn sustainable practices, these areas include an eco-friendly garden, a sustainable outdoor learning area, an open-air amphitheatre, and a gazebo within the gardens. The eco-friendly garden is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and outdoor learning, where students can grow herbs, flowers and produce organically and sustainably. The sustainable learning outdoor area helps students understand the need for sustainable relationships between people and the environment. The gazebo is available for students to use to unwind, maintain a connection with nature, and socialise with their peers. Star International School believes that consistent exposure to nature decreases stress and anxiety, and provides students with the ability to grow a greater appreciation and understanding of the environment. These facilities are incorporated into the education of the students, as teachers use these grounds for all courses such as math, geography, science, history, and more.

The vocational pathway will be further strengthened with the addition of Level 3 BTEC courses

The new campus also possesses state-of-the-art facilities within its large open space, promoting exceptional education, creativity, and well-being. These include a 200-seater auditorium, full-sized football field, 100-meter running track, eight-lane Olympic-sized swimming pool, indoor sports hall with badminton, netball and basketball courts, and an outdoor paddle tennis court. The high-quality sports facilities will allow the school to compete in national tournaments, develop students’ talents and ensure their physical development continuously progress. In addition, the school also features unique facilities to further develop the students’ education, including three fully-equipped science laboratories, an ICT suite, a Mac suite, a design and technology lab, a media-equipped room, and much more. 

With its new, contemporary Al Qusais campus, the school aims to offer an exceptional education fostering global citizens who are true ambassadors of change. The Secondary and Post-16 programme (Years 12 and 13) provides a variety of GCSE subjects, with a strong focus on science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM) learning, information and communications technology (ICT), whilst encompassing rich extracurricular activities. The vocational pathway will be further strengthened with the addition of Level 3 BTEC courses that possess strong employer links and will build on the existing Level 2 BTEC courses. The additional space, facilities, and resources will permit Star International Al Qusais to provide a broader and further enriched curriculum, allowing the school to accommodate more students in Years 7 to 13 and better serve their community by meeting their educational needs.

The eco-friendly garden is dedicated to sustainable agriculture and outdoor learning

“At SIS Al Qusais, we understand that an outstanding education is not merely characterised by achieving good grades. It is defined by a combination of high-quality academic provision and an expansive enrichment program,” shared Principal Dolly Goriawala. “At our secondary campus, students will receive extensive support to help them manage their studies and guide them towards a successful future, with the help of our exceptional curriculum, facilities, and programs. We will support them in selecting the right subjects to ensure they can access their desired university course and pursue their chosen career.”

Star International School Al Twar is a family-oriented school with faculty and staff working alongside parents and the wider community to offer its children the best opportunities it possibly can. Placing an emphasis on happiness, positivity, and the well-being of its pupils and their academic careers, Star Al Twar looks forward to welcoming students for the new academic year.

To enrol your child at Star International Al Twar, please visit https://www.starintlschoolaltwar.com to learn more about its admissions process.