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Seven-Year-Old Rutva Creates Two World Records in Two Languages in One Attempt!

by Eddie Rayner

Rutva Nikhil Pore, a seven-year-old extremely talented Indian girl, has created two world records in one attempt by reciting 91 facts about the solar system in both English and Arabic.

This impressive achievement took place via a virtual live event and was streamed live on Facebook and YouTube. Rutva recited all 91 facts in English in two minutes and 46 seconds and Arabic in four minutes and 39 seconds, becoming the first in the world to create ‘world records’ in this new category.

Rutva has had a great interest in space from the age of five years and has been collecting information through various sources, such as the Internet and a variety of books. Her interest in space came primarily from her father, while her mother encouraged her to tackle the world records.

Realising Rutva’s great interest in the subject, her parents contacted Mr Sushant Mysorekar, founder of Brain Rhyme Pte Ltd, Singapore, and an internationally certified Intelligence Coach, during the summer vacation, and he agreed to work with Rutva. 

Rutva’s world record journey started around three months back with the support of her mentor, Mr Sushant, who has been training her on memorising the content through various memory skills, tools and techniques. Initially, the plan was to recite facts in English only, but after a few sessions, seeing Rutva’s keen interest in the Arabic language, a second journey was initiated. Finally, it was decided to translate all 91 facts into Arabic as well as English. 

Rutva’s Arabic recitation started with support from her school – Ambassador School, Dubai – and her Arabic teacher Miss Walaa Ahmed Hassan El Sheikh, who helped her in translation and pronunciation. Miss Walaa’s way of teaching and her confidence in her pupil to grasp the language quickly made Rutva’s Arabic learning a lot smoother.

During the initial days, it took around 15 minutes to recite all 91 facts in Arabic, and it involved learning all of the complex terminologies and pronunciations. However, with support and consistent practice over 15 days, Rutva was able to recite the same in less than five minutes. 

“You need to persevere, be curious and should have the spirit to learn new things. Once you get an opportunity, you can create a world record with learned and practised ability. I am a non-Arabic girl, but I love the Arabic language and find it very interesting because of my teacher Walaa ma’am who made it more interesting by her teaching approach,” Rutva explained.

Among her plans for the future, Rutva wants to work as a space scientist at NASA and become a black belt karate champion. We fully expect her to achieve these goals too!