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Schools to Introduce Chinese Language

by Eddie Rayner

A Chinese language programme will officially launch in UAE schools starting this academic year, a report by the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) has revealed.

Titled, ‘Chinese Language Programme: Current Status and Future Plan,’ the ministry report noted the “historic peak” in relations between the UAE and China, adding that there is a growing interest among “Emirati people to understand the Chinese language and culture.”

150 Chinese language teachers to
be recruited

The framework describes learning outcomes with four skills addressed separately within each level. Each level of the ministry’s Chinese Language Levels is aligned to the Chinese Language Proficiency Test, known as Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, and the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, CEFR.

Following its launch in September 2019, the programme’s implementation stage will be carried out over the next three years, the report said, noting ongoing monitoring and evaluation processes will take place to ensure its effectiveness.

MOE announced last year that the Chinese language would be taught in 100 schools in 2019 through student clubs, to Grade 9, 10, 11, and 12 students.

National Chinese Language Curriculum Framework implemented:

60 schools

Grades 7 to 12