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Saying Yes to New Adventures

by Eddie Rayner

You may not think it, but teachers can be a pretty eccentric bunch. Combining a thirst for knowledge and experience with a desire to push boundaries can result in some unusual hobbies and interests. And some teachers take these passions to the next level, such as Hannah Winstanley, a primary school teacher and subject leader who frequently stops the world and gets off for an hour or two.

“A love of adventure and personal challenge are what spur me on,” says Hannah, “as well as a determination to overcome my fears and phobias, such as heights and deep water. I love a challenge. Preferably, something that takes me out of my comfort zone.”

For Hannah, life begins at the end of her comfort zone

Hannah dons the Education UAE skydiving helmet at Skydive Dubai – 2019
Skydive Dubai desert – 2018
Parsailing in Abu Dhabi – 2018
Bloukrans Bungy (216 metres), highest bridge bungee in the world in South Africa – 2018
White water rafting in Al Ain – 2018
Human sling shot at Kite Beach Dubai – 2019
Camino de Santiago (300km trek) – 2019
Inflight Dubai – 2019
Circus class (left) – 2019
Abu Dhabi marathon (right) 42.2km – 2017
Skydiving at 13,000 feet in the air – 2018
Jebel Ali shooting range – 2018
Scuba diving with sharks in Dubai Mall Aquarium – 2019
Dragon Boat racing in Dubai Marina – 2018