Rethinking Scholarships

by Eddie Rayner

In anticipation of the start of the 2021-22 academic year, Middlesex University Dubai has announced its academic scholarships and grants for the September Intake.

Diversity and Inclusion is a key priority. With the introduction of the new academic scholarships, it is anticipated to see new segments of students enriching the campus environment and culture.

The changing world has resulted in universities worldwide becoming more agile and responsive to the traditional students’ needs while also considering new areas of focus and consideration. With an emphasis on delivering high-quality education to students from around the world, the university has responded to inputs from the student community and implemented measures that guarantee a consistent learning experience for our 2021 intake. The learning experience will be strengthened by innovative teaching and learning, as well as out of class learning opportunities and research.

The decision to award scholarships to all high school leavers across the UAE, from all curriculums offered, indicates just how seriously inclusivity is taken, with recognition of academic excellence being valued not only through exams and academic performance but also attributed to knowledge discovery, leadership, outreach, integration and application across all walks of life.

Those who excel will be awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) ranging from 25% to 50%

Students joining the International Foundation Programme and the Undergraduate programmes and who excel will be awarded an Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES) ranging from 25% to 50% towards the tuition fees. Students not eligible for the AES will receive an Academic Scholarship of 15% towards tuition.

Alongside the new scholarships and grants, students who apply and make their deposit payment before 30 May 2021 will receive an Early Enrolment Grant of AED 4,000 plus a Schools Partnership Grant for all those applying from our partner schools.

Re-interpretation of the notion of excellence led Middlesex Dubai to launch the new scholarships for September 2021 and consider excellence both inside and outside of the classroom. This focus is guaranteed to nurture individuals’ strengths and abilities and develop skills and knowledge to help them grow in their future careers. The university emphasises experiential learning and helps students to secure internships, placements and opportunities to work on live projects, all being invaluable experiences. With strong links to local businesses and a comprehensive understanding of regional commerce, the university aims to integrate students into their chosen industry before they’ve graduated.

The university emphasises experiential learning and helps students to secure internships

As a professional learner looking to expand your global career, the university is also offering postgraduate, professional and corporate study grants to individuals who are working but want to develop their skills, open up new career paths, and become leaders in their fields.

As a dynamic and agile institution, Middlesex University Dubai is committed to student safety and digital transformation, meaning it is constantly working to ensure its students benefit from the latest technology, educational resources and teaching techniques during these changeable times.

At a time when prospective university students face a great deal of stress, Middlesex University Dubai offers certainty and a clear path forward. The university is willing to work closely with students concerned about cancelled or delayed exams, ensuring their education isn’t put on hold because of events beyond their control. Middlesex University hopes to provide a happy home to individuals who want to live, work and study in Dubai.

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