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Renaissance Drives Growth in the MENA Region

by Eddie Rayner

Renaissance, which creates educational software tools to improve outcomes and accelerate learning, is expanding its presence in the MENA region to help schools promote success amongst students of all ages and abilities through personalised assessment and practice, especially in the current Covid environment. 

Working with over 120 regional and local schools, Renaissance is actively promoting literacy and numeracy development to combat the challenges faced by schools as they provide distance learning to young students. The products and solutions also support differentiated instruction and personalise learning to optimise overall student development. 

“Now more than ever, education technology can transform pupils’ outcomes. We are committed to working with schools and education providers in the region to help make data and insights easy to find, understand and take action on – not just for assessment but to tailor teaching and planning and motivate students,” said Rabea Noor, International Sales Director from Renaissance Learning.

A multi-ethnic group of elementary age children are in a row at the computer lab and are using digital tablets.

“Renaissance’s vision is to accelerate learning for all and our solutions enable immediate feedback and detailed reporting, equipping teachers with the information needed to monitor progress and measure growth,” Noor added.

Renaissance solutions provide real-time, accurate assessment and practice data plotting student’s progression with literacy and numeracy skills aligned to UK or US curriculums. The solutions help reduce teachers’ workload by providing personalised learning pathways for every student, focused on the essential skills required to progress at each stage of formal education.

Currently supporting over 120 schools in the MENA region, Renaissances uses data insights to improve student outcomes and address learning loss

Key solutions offered by Renaissance in the region include:

·       Star Assessments for Reading and Mathematics: Computer-adaptive formative tests that deliver maximum impact in minimal time, enabling teachers to navigate learning progressions. The insights help inform instructional decisions, whether assessing in school or remotely.

·       myON Reader: A personalised digital library at every student’s fingertips. Students can choose from recommendations based on their interests and just-right reading level or browse the full library available under their school subscription. All myON subscriptions include a core library of engaging digital titles across a variety of genres to meet a broad range of interests, year groups, and reading levels.

·       Accelerated Reader: Encouraging reading for pleasure, this solution gives teachers the information they need to monitor students’ reading practise and make informed decisions to guide their future learning. A comprehensive set of reports reveals how much a student has been reading, at what level of complexity, and how well they have understood what they have read. Vocabulary growth and literacy skills are also measured, giving teachers insight into how well students have responded to reading schemes and class instruction.

·       Freckle: A differentiation platform that empowers teachers to reach every one of their students across Mathematics, ELA and Social Studies – allowing them to differentiate both what and how students learn. This means that students are engaged at their academic level, on topics that interest them, while also learning in the way that is best for them.

Worldwide, more than16 million students in over 100 countries are benefiting from using Renaissance products.