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Relocating? Here’s the 411!

by Eddie Rayner

What are the most important factors a family needs to consider when moving to a new location within the same city, a new city, or even a new country? We asked Victoria Moss from RelocateMe, a company that has been relocating happy families since 2008.

“Each individual we support in their relocation has a different set of criteria, dependent on their family’s needs,” Victoria begins. “What is right for one family does not always meet the needs of another, but here are some of the top things families consider.”

Proximity to School

We see that a large number of families are choosing to live closer to their children’s school in order to minimise the daily commute.

Family Friendly Communities 

Another important consideration typically includes whether the area is popular with families and has amenities to support everyday requirements, such as local supermarkets, swimming pools, and children’s play areas.

The Ease of Travel

When relocating with older children, we see families begin to think about the proximity to public transport, transport fees, and proximity to entertainment centres and malls.

Getting through all the paper work

The ease of getting all the paperwork sorted, and ensuring all the permits can easily be put into place is something that families also consider. While everyone plans for a smooth transition, there is a lot of preparation to do beforehand with these permits. This is especially true when you are moving into or out of the country.

So now that you are moved into your new house how do you make connections with your community?

Victoria explains: “There really is a great social network in the UAE. Many parents and children meet friends through school, arranging play dates, or participating in after school activities. Others may find solace partaking in group activities, joining a local golf club, sports club, attending business network meetings, or simply linking to one of the various expat groups via social media. Throughout the UAE you can always find an organised coffee morning, a book club, or a simple ‘meet-up’ group. Whatever your preferred method to interact, there really is something for everyone.”

Victoria Moss is the Founder and Managing Director of RelocateMe.

Web: www.relocateme.ae
Email: [email protected]