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Regent launches Secondary Phase in Academic Year 2020-21

by Eddie Rayner

Building on the outstanding education offered in Regent’s EYFS and Primary Phases, Regent launches its Secondary Phase in September 2020 offering a highly innovative secondary STEAM curriculum that empowers students to think critically and develop real-world skills by creating solutions to real-world problems.

Regent International School, judged ‘Outstanding’ by the rigorous British School Overseas (BSO) Inspection 2019 authority and ‘Very Good’ by KHDA’s DSIB in 2018, will launch its Secondary Phase in September 2020. With a history of over 26 years, Regent is considered one of the leading British National curriculum schools in Dubai.

Regent is part of Fortes Education, a leading education provider in the UAE. Regent is a leader in Positive Education in the Middle East and Asia – a paradigm shift in global education – where outstanding learning is based on exceptional teaching, as well as the development of character and wellbeing.  

“We know what future skills are required for students to pursue tomorrow’s jobs and enable them to lead happy, healthy and successful lives,” said Mrs. Gaynor Dale, Principal of Regent. “Our secondary school provides a strong grounding in the core subjects of English, Maths and Science interwoven with the Arts, with an additional emphasis on STEAM and ‘Project-based Learning’ that will create tomorrow’s leaders, thinkers and inventors.”

“Let me put this in context,” added Mrs. Dale, “One of the purposes of school is to prepare students for the real world, but the methods of learning and assessment in schools can be quite unrelated to the world outside of the classroom. Once students graduate from school and university, they no longer deal with lectures and tests on a single subject. Instead, their jobs require them to answer complex questions and solve real-world problems by creating products and offering services using skills and knowledge from multiple areas. Students then find that they can be quite unprepared in the job market. To be successful requires a different way of thinking. Fortunately, these skills can be learned. The key skills for tomorrow’s jobs, the 4Cs – Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration and Creativity – are abilities that require practice just as much as reading and writing. ‘Project-based learning’ where students learn by doing is the most effective way to learn these skills. It is a hallmark of Regent’s pedagogy and is what makes us completely unique as a school.”  

“At Regent, learning at secondary is exploratory enabling students to apply academic knowledge to real-world contexts and problems,” elaborated Mr. Steven Dobson, Head of Key Stage 2 and Regent’s Secondary Department. He added, “Secondary students not only benefit from Regent’s outstanding Positive Education programme that develops wellbeing, resilience and character

Strengths, but also will be given unique opportunities to apply their imagination, collaborate and innovate improving their academic as well as leadership and teamwork skills. Our focus is to blend traditional learning with project-based learning, STEAM learning and 21st century digital education practices enabling students to develop skills so that they can succeed in a fast changing world.” Paragraph

With a legacy of over 26 years, Regent is led by an outstanding, passionate and longstanding team of senior leaders and teachers. The secondary school will offer a hi-tech STEAM and project-based learning curriculum, as well as very innovative student labs that mirror startup work offices to inspire students to learn and develop skills applicable to the real world. “We want our students to be excited about and prepared for the future and develop skills to think of their own moonshot ideas,” explained Mrs. Dale. “We want our students to go on to make a dent in the universe.”

Regent is currently accepting applications for Year 7 for the academic year 2020-21. The secondary school will offer the GCSEs in Year 10 and 11 and A levels in Year 12 and 13. Tuition fees from Year 7 to 13 will range from a competitive AED 55,900 to AED 64,900. Regent is centrally located in Emaar’s Greens community next to Barsha Heights.