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Raising Models of the Community

by Eddie Rayner
Raising Models of the Community

Teaching students about social responsibility, such as helping others in need or being environmentally conscious, is important because it shapes their core values as strong independent thinkers. At Repton School Dubai, they encourage their students to be role models of the community by respecting the people and environment they encounter, as headmaster David Cook explains.

Through social activities, such as our recent initiative of building two schools in Senegal, we provide our students with a better understanding of different cultures and instil core values within them – such as respect, self-sufficiency, principles, and discipline.  We are also aware that the UAE is a first-world affluent country; the work in Senegal also helps to promote gratitude within our community, a very powerful attitude for good.

We want the best for our students, and we want to nurture them into individuals who keep an open mind and appreciate the values of other cultures and people. These activities create a sense of fulfilment for students and the belief that they can make a difference in the world in which they live.

Inspiring social involvement helps instil a personal ethical code and teaches students how to take responsibility for their own actions. More importantly, it builds character. Being socially active and aware is an ethically binding promise students make to themselves, to work towards the betterment of society and minimising the adverse effects on those around them.

Simple activities such as switching the tap off after washing hands and switching off the lights when leaving classrooms can help in teaching them about energy conservation. Planting trees and recycling litter teaches them to be environmentally friendly and conscious. Donating used books, toys, and clothes is another method to teach them about how they can help those in need. 

Apart from rewarding them with the sense of self-fulfilment, community involvement such as encouraging students to rally for a cause or participating in bake sales, raising money for Breast Cancer Research, also teaches them the importance of financial responsibility. Students can give back to the community through the Repton Garden, which was designed out of recycled products and launched by our Expo 2021 Repton Junior Club in line with the Expo’s theme of ‘Sustainability’. The sustainable project includes planting and growing food to present a positive perspective on healthy eating habits and identifying ways in which alternatives to plastic can be utilised in the project.

Knowledge is power! By offering our students a platform to help bring positive change into the lives of Senegalese students, we hope to enrich their frame of thought. With the Senegal school project, we want our students to be able to face world problems head-on and with a positive mindset, while also enabling them to find creative ways to overcome these situations rather than fear them.

At Repton School Dubai, we are striving to build a vibrant multi-cultural community, by equipping students with both professional and life skills.  We want our students to become humble ‘Agents of Change’ in the international community and do their part in changing the world for the better.

David Cook

David Cook,
Headmaster at Repton School, Dubai