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Pushing Limits

by Eddie Rayner
Pushing Limits

The AI and Robotics Lab (AI & RLab) was established during mid-2018 as part of the United Arab Emirates University’s ongoing efforts to motivate its students to find solutions that will solve challenges faced both locally and internationally. The lab is part of the College of Information Technology, as well as it is an integral part of District 4.0 and the University’s Future Concepts, and focuses on three main axes:

  • Applied research of robots and artificial intelligence in the medical and educational fields
  • Education and development of students in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, alongside preparing them for future challenges
  • Assisting governmental and private local entities, including sensitising and advising them on matters related to robotics and artificial intelligence services

In relation to the education sector, understanding human behaviour can allow for the design of a students’ attention assessment system in a smart classroom and propose a personalised training system for the instructor based on individual students’ capabilities.

Recently, researchers at the United Arab Emirates University developed a low-cost 3D printed robot that could replace humans during dangerous operations such as opening suspicious packages and handling hazardous material.