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Pure Minds Club to help children with free e-learning in subjects including STEM and life skills

by Eddie Rayner
Pure Minds Club Logo

Dubai-based Pure Minds Education is to provide free e-learning for 1 million students in 2021. Over the past decade, there has been a significant switch to e-learning with e-learning platforms frequently used inside of the classroom and at home by students of all ages. E-learning enhances the level of education that children can get but can be costly with the burden of costs placed on schools or parents.  This often means that only those students who attend high-calibre schools or have parents who can afford e-learning license fees may have access to quality platforms.  This is especially true of non-core subjects such as STEM-based activities with parents and schools placing an emphasis on subjects such as English and Mathematics as the focus for a student’s e-learning activities.

Dubai-based Pure Minds Education wants to change this and has launched the Pure Minds Club – an e-learning platform to provide free online education to 1 million students by the end of 2021.  Rather than provide activities related to core subjects (i.e. English & Mathematics), the Pure Minds Club will offer access to a full range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) based activities.  In addition to the STEM program, the Pure Minds Club will provide other programs to enhance life skill foundations such as Financial Literacy, Mindfulness and Entrepreneurship.  All Pure Minds Club activities have been designed for children aged between 5 and 13.

Accessibility is key, and for Pure Minds Club, this is not limited to simply providing free e-learning.  Unlike many other e-learning platforms, the Pure Minds Club is animation-based and has been designed for use on low-power smartphones without the need for parents to provide expensive laptops or tablet devices.  This allows children in under-developed countries to still access the program and enjoy its benefits.

To help subsidise the cost of the e-learning platform, Pure Minds Education has partnered with a number of corporations who have sponsored access to children throughout the world.  Currently, schools, other educational institutions and parents can request for free e-learning access through the Pure Minds Club website.  Once the request is approved, Pure Minds Education match-make between participating corporations and educators to ensure quick delivery and handover of the platform.

Pure Minds CEO, Amit Vyas, believes that e-learning platforms have the potential to make a difference in every child’s life but are often cost and device prohibitive.  “With the Pure Minds Club, we have a very real goal and that is to provide free e-learning to as many children around the globe as possible. Every child has a right to an education irrespective of finances, but we continuously find that access to non-curriculum based learning such as engineering, financial literacy or entrepreneurship is often reserved for more prosperous families who can afford this additional, out-of-school education.  The current barriers are too high for those less fortunate but the Pure Minds Club provides an opportunity to level the playing field and will positively impact the lives of many.”

Families, educators, and schools are encouraged to apply for assistance. Those who find it cost-prohibitive to use existing e-learning tools can learn how Pure Minds Club can help.