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Practically Launches Summer Workshop in Middle East with Four Highly-Engaging Online Courses for Kids

by Eddie Rayner

Practically, a leading experiential learning app designed to make learning immersive and increase retention in STEM subjects for students of classes 6 to 12, has announced a four-week-long Summer Workshop for students in the Middle East. The workshop will consist of four highly engaging online courses in Scratch Programming, YouTube Pro, Chess, and Robotics to keep students effectively occupied during their summer vacation. The carefully crafted courses guided by highly qualified teachers will enable students to develop new interests and enhance their skill set, equipping them for the jobs of the future, keeping in mind global industry trends.

The YouTube Pro course will help students learn how to start and run their own YouTube channel. They will be able to create high-quality videos and learn how to post and optimise videos with the correct titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails. 

The Chess course will explain the rules of the game and help students improve through interactive online lessons by international players and national chess coaches. Students will learn openings, endgames, strategy and tactics to master their chess skills.

Workshop starting 7 July 2021 will offer four courses: YouTube Pro, Scratch Programming, Chess, and Robotics

The Robotics course aims to train students in building a smart bulb that can be controlled using Google voice assistant. Students will learn all about various software and equipment, which will help in understanding the recent technologies in automation.

Part of the proceeds collected will be donated towards Covid-19 relief efforts in India

The Scratch Programming course will focus on educating students on how to think computationally. Students can design and create games and applications using Scratch Programming. Not only will students use the technology in their lives, but also gain digital confidence and get inspired to create new games and apps.

Course nameStart date
YouTube Pro7 July
Chess7 July
Robotics15 July
Scratch Programming15 July

Commenting on the launch of the Practically Summer Workshop, Mr Subbarao Siddabattula, Founder and CEO, Practically said: “We are elated to launch Practically Summer Workshop in the Middle East and provide students with an engaging and invaluable learning experience that will help them enrich their knowledge and inculcate critical thinking from an early age. With emerging technology trends like AI, ML, Robotics, IoT gaining prominence, the courses will develop relevant and in-demand skillset amongst the students which are desired by global employers. As part of the proceeds will also be going towards India’s Covid-19 relief efforts, students have a chance to be part of a noble cause.”

At the end of the Summer Workshop, 10 students will win Apple iPads and six months of Practically Legend subscription based on their performance. Students can enrol for one or all courses for only AED 99.99.

Visit the Practically website here: www.practically.com

The app is available for download for free on: