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Personalised Tutoring for All

by Eddie Rayner

The security and management of data, described as the Middle East’s ‘new oil’, will become increasingly important for individuals and organisations in the future. The merging fields related to data science will offer enormous opportunities for those who know how to capture, analyse, and present data.

Personalised Tuition: At Carfax, we adapt every programme to each pupil’s learning style, interests, and academic goals. The increased focus one-to-one tuition provides, allows Carfax Tutors to dedicate time and effort to ensure that each child unlocks their academic potential. If a pupil is progressing beyond their curriculum, one-to-one tuition gives them a space to be stretched. For those who are struggling, one-to-one tuition provides the time and support needed to ensure understanding is achieved.

Freedom to ask questions: One-to-one tuition gives pupils a safe and encouraging environment to ask the questions they may not have the confidence to ask in front of a class. These may be questions helping them understand concepts or queries which help develop a curiosity about subjects beyond the curriculum. Expanding this curiosity is a key goal of Carfax tuition to encourage independent research, lateral thinking, and develop pupils’ interests.

Time flexibility: Our courses are designed with each pupil, and their family’s schedules in mind. We are not bound by traditional term dates, or school timings, and can develop courses both online and offline that fit your needs. Our programmes are developed to be both academically rigorous and provide maximum flexibility.

Perfect for independent minds: Pupils can take ownership of their work and direct their learning in partnership with their tutor so they can work on the topics they choose. This independence encourages pupils to develop plans for their workload, learn to prioritise what is important to them and take pride in their work.

Carfax Private Tutors support 1,000s of pupils across the globe to unlock their academic potential and spark a love for learning. We deliver the highest quality lessons with our team of energetic, enthusiastic and passionate tutors from our offices across the globe.

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