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Personalised Tutoring for Academic Success

by Eddie Rayner

Private tuition goes as far back as education itself. Any student of philosophy knows that Socrates tutored Plato, who tutored Aristotle, who tutored the young Alexander the Great. Tutoring can be an extraordinary resource, providing support and reassurance to students feeling overwhelmed and offering more challenges for gifted pupils.

The most talented tutors will have vast experience working with students and preparing them for exams. They will have their own particular techniques to get the best out of youngsters, can suggest useful books and resources, and provide a unique and individualised learning experience.

Alayna, for instance, chose tutoring by Carfax Education four years ago; her parents wanted her to broaden her education, grow in confidence, and develop independent learning skills. The tutors rose to the challenge and created a bespoke tutoring package that encompasses maths, piano, robotics, and 3D printing! Alayna has discovered a love of education and actively engages in and eagerly awaits her lessons. The tutors have encouraged both a strong work ethic and creativity in their lessons, a combination that can sometimes be hard to find in a class environment. Alayna is a perfect example of what can happen when a student’s education is invested in and fostered.

Tutoring can help a young person develop study and learning skills that will set them up for life. It also allows the student to make progress at his/her own pace, increase good study habits, and ultimately improve grades. One-to-one tutoring assists in identifying and supporting individual learning styles too. By focusing on how the student learns best, a tutor can give them the tools they need to succeed when it comes to revising for exams or significant milestones such as SATs.

To conclude, private tutoring can result in increased eagerness and enthusiasm in the classroom, thus making learning more productive – and a lot more fun!