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Pearson: Introduction to Corporate Finance

by Eddie Rayner

The Introduction to Corporate Finance is an excellent choice for anyone looking to build skills and advance their career. The progressive curriculum emphasises the importance of theory and empirical analysis, shows how theory connects back to practical business examples, and combines practical and theoretical knowledge. It is the ideal first step for business professionals who want the skills and toolset to solve real-world problems in complex environments.

Spread out over five weeks, this course is an essential part of the MBA Program at Columbia Business School, featuring the latest research and critical inputs from industry leaders to ensure the highest degree of practical relevance.

Teaching both the academic and practical side of making sound corporate financial decisions, as well as methods that can be employed to optimise the value of a company’s assets, the course has been put together by a world-class instructor who actively trains the next generation of market leaders on Wall Street.

The workshop instructor has vast experience in the GCC, helping ministries and governments all over the Gulf to better shape their financial strategy. The course also features virtual sessions with Wharton (University of Pennsylvania) Certified CFO and ADP holder, Naresh Phanfat, incorporating innovative activities and sessions from renowned experts in the field.

Moreover, participants, who will learn about concepts that everyone who goes into the world of business and finance should know, will benefit from a Learning Coach who will help them achieve the course’s all-important milestones, including:

  • How to value any asset
  • Decide which projects to take out of the many a corporation might be considering
  • Compute the return on any project
  • Compute the value that a project adds
  • Value a bond and compute its yield
  • Value a stock using a simply model (i.e. determine the fair price of a stock)

Employees with strong financial management skills are crucial to the success of any business, and learning how to deconstruct the numbers to reveal insights into company performance is an invaluable skill.

To find out more, visit Corporate Finance (pearson.com)