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Passionate About Learning

by Eddie Rayner

Ajyal International School has been at the heart of the local community in Mohammad Bin Zayed City, Abu Dhabi, since September 2014, preparing children for future employment by making learning both fun meaningful.

Following the English National Curriculum, the school aims to ensure that its students achieve the best exam results possible, have opportunities to develop their talents and aptitudes, and become confident young people who will step out to meet the challenges of the modern world.

A private school that provides an environment where students from a wide variety of backgrounds work happily and successfully towards their ambitions, Ajyal puts the emphasis on providing a happy, caring environment. There is a family atmosphere that prevails at the school, and every student is made to feel valued and included.

This benevolent philosophy is supported by a broad array of exceptional facilities, including a library, two large performance halls, science laboratories, vibrant canteens, state-of-the-art media technology suites, and a sound-proof music suite. Sports facilities include a swimming pool, a gymnasium, large outdoor playgrounds, full-size football pitches, netball, badminton and volleyball courts, and a fitness centre.

The campus, one big building, is in an attractive setting to the west of the city, offering excellent access from most areas in Abu Dhabi. The site comprises separate sections for Infant, Junior, Mid Age, and Secondary Form students. Each section has architect-designed classrooms with age-appropriate facilities set around bright and colourful common areas that promote a sense of community.

Each section has architect-designed classrooms with age-appropriate facilities set around bright and colourful common areas that promote a sense of community

Achieving Excellence Together

The British Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum serves as the foundation for Ajyal’s EYFS curriculum. There are seven areas of learning and development that shape educational provision in Early Years settings. All areas of learning and development are important and inter-connected.

Students in Primary School (key stage 2) cover more subjects and become skill-focused. All main subjects are taught by a UK-trained class teacher (English, Maths, Science, Humanities). Specialist subjects are taught by specialised teachers (Arabic, Islamic Studies, Social Studies in Arabic, Music, Art, Technology, and PE). The Primary classes reflect the students’ ability to apply and extend the academic requirements of the curriculum.

Secondary students study through dedicated subjects. The emphasis is on improving their knowledge and preparing them for the external exams in years 11, 12, and 13. These are the years in which students take O-Level, AS-Level, and/or A-Level exams.

The School Mission

  • To provide first-class, international educational opportunities to Emirati and expatriate students that meet international standards whilst being cognisant of the UAE’s history, culture, values, and tradition.
  • To embed technology in the school’s core curriculum.
  • To embrace a happy and positive lifestyle and the spreading of positive messages internally and externally to ensure the well-being of all Ajyal communities.
  • To promote a culture of tolerance, inclusion, and fraternity among the school community.

Core Values


  • Everyone within the school treats others as they would want to be treated themselves.
  • The parent community is valued and encouraged to participate in school.
  • Ajyal is a community where everyone is valued and included.

There is a family atmosphere that prevails at the school, and every student is made to feel valued and included


  • Ajyal seeks to act ethically and according to the principles of social and environmental responsibility.
  • Ajyal values teachers who learn and learners who teach.
  • Taking risks, learning from mistakes, expressing freely, and reflecting on life and learning are all highly valued.


  • The school is driven by its desire to teach students how to enjoy learning, playing, and making friends.
  • Ajyal allows students time and space to be who they are and discover who they might become.
  • Students’ personal fulfilment, achievement, and success in all that they do, in and out of school, is celebrated.


  • With seven years of experience, Ajyal has a well-established history of excellence in education.
  • The school’s British-based curriculum is flexible and tailored to its location in the UAE and the Middle East.

Outstanding Results

  • Ajyal is non-selective, yet its students achieve exceptional results.
  • Students go on to the world’s top universities, having achieved high scores.

A Community of Learners

The curriculum is designed to prepare students for life in today’s world, so transferable skills and strong character traits are given as much prominence as specific subject knowledge and academic challenge. Inspired by and based on the English National Curriculum, these traits are deeply ingrained in Ajyal’s learning and behaviour. Students think about them regularly and have a thorough understanding of each one.

Ajyal has a distinctive curriculum. While the academic core is founded on the rigour of the English National Curriculum and standard assessments such as O-Levels and A-Levels, teaching and learning will frequently incorporate regional contexts, utilising the school’s geographical location in the UAE. This, along with its diverse learning community, ensures that it truly prepares the next generation of global citizens for their futures.