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Over Two Million Educational Videos to Create Engaging Lessons

by Eddie Rayner

The ViewSonic Corporation is continuing to focus on hybrid learning solutions, fuelled by the fact that many schools are now implementing this both in the UAE and across the region. With this in mind, a video has been created that shows how the hybrid solution from ViewSonic is easy and effective, and illustrates a series of important features for teachers and IT teams in schools and universities.

These features include:

  • myViewBoard Clips: This allows users to search, access and insert educational video content onto the canvas. It offers two million+ educational videos from over 150 premier media brands to safely, seamlessly and quickly create engaging lessons. myViewBoard Clips is commercial-free, copyright-cleared, and curated for educational subjects. It is powered by Boclips, a service that collects the best educational videos across all age levels and subjects and puts them on a single platform to give an easier, faster and safer way to use video in the classroom.  myViewBoard Clips is only available for education entities. A Boclips account is not required to use myViewBoard Clips. For more information, visit https://myviewboard.com/clips/
  • myViewBoard Original Content: This is interactive content that you can use in the classroom, 100% created using myViewBoard tools, Check it out and imagine how interactive your lessons could be.
  • Device Management: Designed for IT teams, myViewBoard Manager is a tool for entity administrators to remotely manage multiple installations of ViewSonic visual solution devices such as ViewBoard.