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Opening Doors Through Online Education

by admin

We know that schools should not be a one size fits all approach, but what happens when physical schools are not able to cater to your family’s needs? There is a potential solution for them…

iCademy Middle East is a K-12 full-time online school licensed by the KHDA, offering families the option of homeschooling within Dubai. Cody Claver, General Manager for iCademy says that its award-winning, online-based programmes and real time instruction are able to offer a truly individualised learning, matched to students’ strengths and ability levels.

“Many students arriving in the UAE do so with low English proficiency levels, and therefore are not accepted into physical schools. At iCademy they have undertaken intensive programmes and have then gone on to graduate with a high school diploma and progress to university,” Cody explains. “Our regular assessments monitor student progress and prevent the struggling learner from falling behind. The goal is mastery – what matters is not seat time but understanding the knowledge and acquiring the skills.”

One iCademy student, Lillian Bate, commented: “iCademy has allowed me to continue with my gymnastics and academics. I am an elite gymnast and train six hours a day, six days a week, and I love the flexibility that iCademy gives me. Having the online teachers and curriculum allows me to access my studies wherever I am in the world, and they give me all the support I need to achieve great results in both academics and gymnastics”.