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#NeverStopLearning with a new Activity Platform

by Eddie Rayner
ADEK - Innovative Ways to Keep Children Entertained

Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) is urging students to #NeverStopLearning with a new Activity Platform. This has been developed as a digital playground, helping parents to find innovative ways to keep their children entertained during the pandemic and beyond.

Aimed at children of all ages, ADEK has teamed up with some of the UAE’s leading edutainment vendors to create a platform packed full of enrichment programmes, competitions, edutainment exercises, academic support, and physical and wellbeing challenges across four learning pillars: STEM and Innovation; Enrichment; Arts, Culture and Languages; and Physical Education and Wellbeing.

“Student wellbeing and engagement are at the core of our efforts at ADEK. With the current situation fuelling our commitment to ensure there are constant avenues of engagement for everybody within the Abu Dhabi education community, the Activity Platform has been designed as a one-stop resource for students to continue learning, innovating and staying active,” said H.E. Amer Al Hammadi, Undersecretary of the Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

“The options available are fun and engaging, taking students away from pure academics and filling their time with meaningful activities. There are also ample opportunities for students to connect with their peers in a number of the challenges requiring team collaboration.”

Spotlight on STEM

The STEM and Innovation stream is full of experiences for 21st-century learners. Whether embarking on a journey through coding by learning the basics, taking their interest in robotics to the next level through a series of challenges, or seeking safe and fun science and engineering experiments at home, the STEM and Innovation pillar encourages critical thinking in fun ways.

An Eye for Arts and Culture

Arts, Language and Culture, are embraced with access to some of the capital’s most iconic attractions. Experiences are augmented with hands-on, creative activities which add three-dimensional learning to a digital discovery. Children can take a time-out to read, reflect and explore ideas in more depth, with access to extensive digital libraries and storytelling experiences. Additionally, language skills can be honed with a range of courses for native and non-native English and Arabic speakers. The Arts, Language and Culture stream also includes music tutorials and poetry.

Enriching Education Journeys

For students plotting their first steps towards higher education, a range of webinars and university prep talks ensure that they are ready for the big leap into university. There are also admission preparation courses, including IELTS to SATS revisions, specialist subject tutoring and coaching sessions for candidate interviews. Younger students can revise or refresh core subjects ensuring they are prepped for the coming academic year.

Keep on Moving

For students eager to keep moving, the Physical Education and Wellbeing stream features a whole host of challenges, from sports contests to cooking competitions and physical activities children can do around the home or garden.

Visit www.activityplatform.ae