My kind of town

by Eddie Rayner


Uparna Sayuri Heenatigala A medical student at Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia. 

Many of my colleagues selected Tbilisi State Medical University (TSMU), and that encouraged me to dig deeper for more information. And as a girl from a GCC country, I found the atmosphere and environment so conducive that it convinced me to start my university life there. Indeed, as a medical student, right after college, we rush to select universities, and my first choice was TSMU. 

I am doing my European MD in TSMU, and my university experiences have been amazing so far. I have learned and experienced so much valuable medical-related content in such a short period of time.

Uparna Sayuri Heenatigala

I am still discovering all the opportunities that the university offers me. The study programme introduces many new concepts that have changed my view of the world. The course load is intense, so time management is the key. 

It is my first semester of MD programme. Thus far, in terms of clubs and events, I have found different student unions and one significant self-government that provides a platform for high-level advocacy, projects, training, workshops, and international meetings. Its activities revolve around medical education, medical ethics and human rights. There are also annual tours around Georgia and events for students like Fresher’s Nights, which reduces the heat during a semester.

There are university sports competitions, too. 

Tbilisi itself is a wonderful place to be based. The capital of Georgia, it is an ancient and vibrant city filled with many attractions. I visit the town every week with my colleagues. Popular with tourists, there is always a new place to wander off. And coming from a warmer country like UAE, the weather here did at first astound me, but it is just a matter of time until you adjust and experience the glory of it. 

Tbilisi is filled with positive vibes and laughter. 

People here are supportive and fun; it doesn’t matter whether you can speak their language or not; they find their own ways to help you out. And it is not just in the university area, but the whole town itself and that makes me visit the town and explore the country more and more. 

TSMU is home to students of a variety of cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. Here in the university, there is no space for discrimination or racism according to religions and countries, as we always tend to get to know each other better after every encounter and keep good connections. 

To sum up, life at TSMU is a great experience that I plan to make the most of. So if you are looking for a fantastic medical education, TSMU would be an excellent choice, not only because of the style of education, but because of the country, the people you meet, and the atmosphere you get to experience.

It really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.