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Manchester City FC Connecting Communities Through Special Video Tutorials

by Eddie Rayner

Manchester City FC connecting communities through special video tutorials

Manchester City FC is helping young footballers and parents to stay fit and active at home with a series of Connecting Communities videos available for free across the UAE and the Middle East.

They have been recorded by the team of City Football Schools coaches in Abu Dhabi – showing everything from special skill tutorials to how to get parents involved, along with tips on healthy eating.

Available in both Arabic and English, they are being published on Manchester City FC’s social media channels, and can be accessed via the following links: 

At home with City Football Schools

Cameras have been rolling and our coaches have recorded easy drills so you can stay fit and improve your skills even when you’re away from the pitch. In this video, Coach Josh starts with the basics and teaches you how to improve your football movements. Try these moves at home, tag us in your videos and stay tuned for more!بدأت الكاميرات بالعمل، وصور مدربونا مجموعة واسعة من التمارين التي يسهل اتباعها لتحافظوا على لياقتكم البدينة وتحسنوا مهاراتكم أثناء توقف التدريبات. يشرح المدرب جوش في هذا الفيديو المهارات الأساسية، ويعرفكم بطرق تحسين التحركات الكروية. صوروا أنفسكم على الفيديو أثناء تجريب هذه التمارين واذكرونا في التعليقات! تابعونا للمزيد من الفيديوهات!

Posted by City Football Schools on Tuesday, 24 March 2020

As well as highlighting different skills, the videos also advise on how to move both with and without the ball.

The training drills can all be completed at home or in small spaces, and have been designed to ensure young players across the UAE and the Middle East remain fit, healthy and active – as well as securing that all-important football fix – during this period.