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Making Your Child’s World Better

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In the presence of a large gathering of parents, students, educators, and technology experts, the UAE-based global alternative education technology company, Coded Minds, organised its second Town Hall meeting. Everyone was given a chance to share their views on the future of the industry, and highlight the challenges and opportunities that need to be faced.

Coded Minds Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, Omar Farooqui, welcomed the large gathering and said that the presence of such a diverse community of educators suggests there is a need for constant dialogue among stakeholders. “Only through the meeting of minds between parents, educators, and students can we build the future of education. This is how we must chart the future of our children. We must take all stakeholders on-board instead of taking decisions in boardrooms and imposing it upon students and parents.”  

Mother to a five-year-old child, Sheherzad Kaleem believes that such initiatives provide an opportunity for parents to engage with educators, businesses, and other stakeholders, commenting: “With time, I sincerely hope the Town Hall will become bigger and turn into a platform that enables parents to lobby for changes in the system.”