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Look – No Hands!

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Dubai has taken a major step towards autonomous vehicles with the launch of its Dubai Autonomous Transportation Strategy.

Dubai’s transportation strategy is expected to save AED22 billion in annual economic revenues by reducing transportation costs, carbon emissions, and accidents, as well as raising productivity.

Aiming to transform 25% of the total transportation in Dubai to autonomous mode by 2030, the strategy includes the launch of ‘Dubai World Autonomous Transportation Challenge’. This throws the gauntlet down to the world’s most innovative international companies, academic institutions, and centres of research and development to test the latest advances in this technology by providing transportation solutions and scenarios that are realistic and tailored for the streets of Dubai.

Moreover, driverless vehicles would not only be better for the economy and the environment, they would be good for commuters, too, allowing them to get some work done or even watch a movie whilst moving through rush hour traffic.

Electric school buses are being introduced, too. Engineer Mohammad Thair Dakaika, Emirates Transport, says, “The vehicles will be lightweight in comparison with current buses, since they will be manufactured from environmentally friendly materials. They will also be extremely safe, with features that include a motor and battery fire suppression system and a monitoring system that incorporates cameras and sensors. Moreover, passengers will notice an increase in comfort, since there is no vibration or noise.”

100% of green vehicles will operate for an average of 125km on a single charge.

The introduction of electric school buses is an extremely constructive step in an age where high, harmful air pollutants from vehicles needs to be cut drastically and as a matter of urgency.