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Little Einsteins Nurtured Here!

by admin

Ideacrate Edutainment is launching a new venture, Orange Seeds Nursery, for children aged between six months and four years, following the acquisition and conversion of Kidz Venture Nursery in Mangrove Village, Abu Dhabi.

Orange Seeds Nursery is designed with the look and feel of a mini village, with innovative wooden huts, fascinating indoor and outdoor play areas, a jungle gym, slide, trampoline, hobbit hut, and a library with a rooftop experience. There is also a selection of some of the world’s leading educational toys.

Inspired by the Montessori philosophy, Orange Seeds Nursery is designed to nurture young minds through rich, holistic early years learning experiences, playing a vital role in these formative years of growth. Arabic and French are a part of the curriculum, along with music, mindfulness, and yoga.