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Life Tastes Better with Kibsons

by Eddie Rayner

A second-generation family business established in the UAE in 1982, Kibsons provides its customers with the highest quality fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and groceries exactly when they need them, at the most competitive prices available.

Kibsons’ goal has always been to provide products that the company’s staff and employees would be more than happy to take home to their own families. Its mantra underlines this: ‘If it is good enough for our families, it is good enough to share with the rest of the UAE’.

To achieve this objective, Kibsons has spent years building great relationships with its growers and suppliers worldwide, supplying retailers and the wholesale market with extraordinary service in a highly competitive marketplace. However, with one eye always on the future, in 2017, the company decided it wanted to create something more personalised, special and convenient, direct to consumers. This was the start of its celebrated Home Delivery business.

Kibsons has spent years building great relationships with its growers and suppliers from around the world

What You Want is What You Get
When Kibsons launched its e-commerce site, the company was free to explore the availability of all of the amazing varieties, origins and products it knew would bring a new and exciting change to UAE households. And this has caught the imagination of consumers, who can now enjoy products, categories and hidden gems from small growers and suppliers that never find their way onto retailers’ shelves in the normal course of events.

What’s more, placing an order with Kibsons is really simple. All you have to do is log in to the website (www.kibsons.com), choose from a huge variety of handpicked and fresh items, pay online, and get it all delivered to your doorstep at the most convenient time to yourself. You can also download the Kibsons app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store, making the shopping process even easier and faster.

Each convenient box contains all of the ingredients and step-by-step instructions that you need to serve your meal

But this is only the beginning! Kibsons has put together a whole portfolio of services designed to make shopping for high-quality fruit, veg and meat easy, and sometimes even a little unexpected in its scope.

DIY Boxes
Kibsons launched its ever-popular DIY Boxes to make the meal prep process stress-free for families. Whether it’s returning from a hard day at work or doing the school drop-off and pick-ups, chances are you could use a little help to ensure you and your family enjoy delicious, wholesome and healthy meals without any added fuss or stress. With an array of the freshest fruit and vegetables, you can choose from delightful smoothie options, ideal for offering a fulfilling start to the day, as well as delectable lunch and dinner time options that can be prepared quickly. Each convenient box contains all of the ingredients, step-by-step instructions that you need to serve your meal, and it’s all delivered directly to your door, ensuring that you and your family are eating healthier in a flash.

Lunchbox Ideas
Kibsons has specially curated a set of Lunchbox Ideas where many of the lunch ideas for school can be made ahead of time or prepped the night before, so assembly in the morning is effortless. Not only are they quick to prep, but they also taste fantastic too and can be delivered right to your doorstep in no time. The Lunchbox Ideas from Kibsons are packed with exactly the right amount of ingredients to make some delicious meals for your little ones. Each box comes with a recipe card for ease, and all food items are packed neatly inside – it couldn’t be simpler, and the recipes will keep your kids coming back for more.

Sainsbury’s Launch
One of the core values at Kibsons is giving families access to a wide range of affordable, great-quality, healthy and wholesome foods, all sourced sustainably. Thus, its partnership with Sainsbury’s is a match made in heaven, as its values are totally aligned. Thanks to this partnership, families and loyal customers of Kibsons will find their old favourites, alongside 500 brand-new high quality and affordably priced items from the Sainsbury’s food range, all brought together online for the first time in the region and delivered to the customer’s doorstep. Fast Track Deliveries Whether you have forgotten that all-important ingredient for tonight’s dinner, or you’ve realised last-minute that your little one doesn’t have their favourite snack for their packed lunch the next day, fear not, as Kibsons offers a fast-track and free two-hour same-day delivery service within Dubai. It’s the most convenient and efficient way to do your grocery shopping, especially for working parents or those who like to stock up on their favourite household items regularly and need a quick turnaround.

Bulk Buy Bonus
As part of its commitment to offering value for families across the UAE, Kibsons is proud to present its’ bulk buy bonus’ scheme, where its customers can earn free bonus credit when they purchase a package. This cost-saving initiative allows consumers to save money long-term on weekly food shopping, whereby if you add AED 5,000 to your wallet, you receive an extra AED 250. Add AED 7,000 and receive an additional AED 500, and if you top up with AED 10,000, you can avail an additional AED1,000!

Kibsons also has a bulk buy section on its website and app, where fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, tinned goods, dairy products and more can be purchased at great-value prices; perfect for weekly meal planning for the family!

The Lunchbox Ideas from Kibsons are packed with exactly the right amount of ingredients to make some delicious meals for your little ones

Making People Happy Through Food
Committed to going the extra mile for its customers, Kibsons also reacts to currents demands and situations, such as with its coffee mornings and box challenges.

Coffee Mornings with Kibsons
The virtual coffee mornings with Kibsons were launched last year during lockdown, and it turned out to be a great way to communicate with some of the company’s loyal customers and keep them up-to-date with all of the latest news and product offerings. Customers also had the opportunity to enjoy close interaction with Halima Jumani – a mother, entrepreneur and one of the key personalities behind Kibsons as a business.

500 brand-new high quality and affordably priced items from the Sainsbury’s food range

Kibsons’ Box Challenges
The Mystery Box Challenge was launched during Ramadan for all culinary aficionados; in fact, everyone who is fond of cooking. Participants were asked to submit their entry by emailing Kibsons with their details, along with their preferred option of vegan or non-vegan boxes. Once shortlisted, the 100 lucky applicants were sent the mystery boxes and asked to create meals using the ingredients provided – they were allowed two pantry items from their end as well. Then, they were encouraged to share their recipes on social media, using the hashtag #KibsonsMysteryBoxChallenge and the winners will be chosen based on their cooking and presentation skills.  This was another way to engage with families and encourage them to participate in fun challenges that boost their motivation and hone their cooking skills.

Better Ingredients, Better Meals
So, why should you consider adding a food delivery service? The answer is surprisingly simple: freshness, convenience, cost savings and the chance to experience new products that are sourced based on taste, flavour and ingredients.

Kibsons is a direct importer of fresh produce and meat, which means that customers receive products fresher than buying from the shelves in any supermarket. The convenience of being able to sit anywhere and open the Kibsons App on your phone or tablet, or use the website, and know that you are buying the best quality products, delivered conveniently and on time, is something that makes life just that little bit easier.

The company also has a fantastic referral system and rewards programme for customers, as well as discounts when adding bulk payments to your Kibsons wallet. Moreover, there is express delivery within Dubai and same-day delivery throughout the UAE. Delivery with Kibsons is making healthy eating and convenient shopping affordable, from its fresh produce and impressive Sainsbury range through to its fabulous gifting range of flowers and cards.

There is express delivery within Dubai and same-day delivery throughout the UAE

Food with Integrity
Kibsons always looks at being a leader and is constantly searching for new and innovative products that are health-focused and new to the market. It is able to launch smaller, more boutique products, too, which you might not find in major retailers. Furthermore, Kibsons is always excited to receive its customers’ suggestions!

Whatever the product, though, the company ensures that all suppliers are accredited and certified by various international bodies such as HACCP, SADEX, RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE, ISO, BRC, FAIRTRADE, to name a few. Kibsons is also HACCP, and ISO certified, as well as actively working on recycling within the UAE.

Some people live to eat, and some people eat to live. At Kibsons, they live to eat, meaning that the whole team cares about what it offers customers and what products it selects. The company wants to see people enjoy and experience something special every time they order from Kibsons.

Looking to the future, Kibsons wants to be in every household. For some, this will mean everything they need for their weekly shop, and for others, it might just be their fruit and vegetables. Whatever the decision, Kibsons wants to be the first option people think of when they think of online grocery.

Kibsons – healthy eating made easy, affordable and convenient. 
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