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Let’s Go on an Adventure!

by Eddie Rayner

There is something really simple you can do to improve your child’s chance of future health and success: make sure he or she spends plenty of time playing in nature.

Years of research has shown that regular access to the natural world is critical for a child’s cognitive awareness, which is why Aventura Parks is committed to teaching children to love and respect nature, while having fun. And best of all, this self-discovery experience builds character and life skills.

With the current environment where children have been confined, Aventura has plenty of space and qualified coaches where children can play, learn and grow in a rugged natural desert forest in Dubai! Aventura Life Skills Programmes accommodate the varied schedules of Dubai’s community so that children can pick areas of interest and thrive. Programmes are designed for both indoor and outdoor delivery, based on the weather, and include three main modules for ages 8-14 with plans to expand with more activities and age groups.

Team BUILDING (Indoor & Outdoor)
During Aventura Teambuilding activities, participants work through a series of scenarios and challenges that address various elements, including problem-solving, competition, and collaboration; they learn the importance of communication and trust. Leaders emerge, and learning is mixed with laughter and fun. Aventura Teambuilding programmes mix imagination with creative activities to challenge the mind, body and soul.

Participants prepare meals, learn how to set a table, and taste their creations, while nurturing life skills such as maths, culture, science and making healthy choices.

Obstacle Course (indoor & Outdoor)
Participants experience obstacle course elements that nurture fitness, balance, perseverance, and friendly competitions, while having fun. Choose one 2-3 hour module, a Daily or Weekly package. The Aventura Adventure Park Experience is included, based on timings and availability.

Something for Everyone

There really is something for everyone for all ages and skill levels too. Guided by qualified and trusted coaches, for instance, the tranquil Nature Trail, celebrating the flora and fauna of the UAE, is available for all ages surrounded by the beautiful Ghaf tree forest. Visitors of all ages, beginning from age 4, enjoy the adventure ropes course with six circuits from MiniKids to Extreme, including climbing, swinging and ziplining on and between the trees.

Aventura Parks is the perfect destination for youngsters and school trips, as well as families, birthday celebrations, corporate teambuilding, and special events. It’s where children learn, play, and grow, and where adults discover more about themselves and each other. The world is yours to explore!

Park Timings
Sunday to Thursday
8.30am – 10.00pm Open to school and group bookings
2.00pm – 10.00pm Open to all

Friday & Saturday
10.00am – 11.00pm Open to all
For LIFE SKILLS bookings
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +971 (52) 1787 616

For School bookings
[email protected]
Tel: +971 (52) 1787 616

For public bookings
[email protected]
Tel: +971 (52) 1787 616

Aventura has adopted the highest safety guidelines for Covid-19 prevention.

Location: 10 minutes from Dubai airport
Mushrif Park, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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