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Learn to move like a Ninja at BOUNCE!

by Eddie Rayner

BOUNCE’s global coaching program, the BOUNCE Freestyle Academy, has launched a brand new coaching programme, Ninja Squad, and is now open for registrations across all UAE venues.

New for this term, the Ninja Squad programme combines core elements of Ninja, Parkour and Free Running into an exhilarating and exciting 10-week schedule. Ninja Squad aims to balance having fun with learning epic new skills in a social and inclusive environment, with the programme designed to develop strength, coordination, and agility. 

Run alongside BOUNCE’s existing trampoline coaching programmes such as Flight Squad, the new programme was developed as the popularity of Parkour and Free Running continues to grow phenomenally worldwide.

For the past seven years, the BOUNCE coaches have been inspiring students to achieve things they never thought possible before signing up for the BOUNCE Freestyle Academy, such as learning how to do a back-flip, wall walking or conquering the ‘Rudy Ballout’.

An exhilarating and exciting 10-week schedule

The BOUNCE Freestyle Academy’s Ninja Squad and Flight Squad are for those aged eight years and above and are for individuals who are looking to master new stunts, tricks and parkour skills.  The classes are limited to small sizes and are based on ability (beginner, intermediate and advanced), so there’s an opportunity for families and friends to learn together. The beginner sessions focus on learning to jump in a safe and controlled way, and the intermediate and advanced classes focus on conditioning work to strengthen the core and abs. Those in the intermediate programme will learn wall running and flips and the advanced class will involve advanced flips, combinations and advanced wall-running, focusing on individual capabilities and skill level. BOUNCE believes small groups give the programme maximum learning benefit and a personal approach to developing skills. 

Kids are introduced to skills progression, as well as challenges and learning through play

BOUNCE also caters to the younger ones with the Freestyle Academy’s Mini BOUNCE Squad and BOUNCE Squad, which are specialised programmes for children aged between two and seven years of age. Kids who sign up to the Mini BOUNCE Squad learn everything from self-expression to confidence, to fundamental movement skills. While signed up to BOUNCE Squad, kids are introduced to skills progression, as well as challenges and learning through play.

BOUNCE Freestyle Academy is led by five-time Spanish National Trampolining and Tumbling Champion, Coach of the Belgian Gymnastics team and general all-round incredible stunt man, CrisManero.  BOUNCE Freestyle Academy programs bring BOUNCE’s mission of inspiring movement, creative expression and human connection to life! 

Call us on 04-3211-400 or visit www.bounce.ae to learn more and to enrol on this term’s program.