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Leadership and Excellence in School Transport

by Eddie Rayner

Since its foundation in 1981, Emirates Transport (ET) has been the leading provider of school transport services, with the highest standards in the industry when it comes to the safety of students. Indeed, despite the wide spectrum of services provided by ET, school transport remains at the forefront and a priority in terms of importance, still accounting for the bulk of its human and material resources.

It was nearly 20 years ago that ET first introduced university transport services. These currently take in universities and colleges in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, and the Central Region. A few of the schools that use ET bus services include Al Mawakeb Schools, Al Nahda National Schools in Abu Dhabi, International School of Creative Sciences, School of Modern Skills, Choueifat International School in Sharjah, and BEAM Education schools, among many.

In the wider context, school transport is essential for the development of education standards, enhancement of quality of life, and for ensuring the prosperity and stability of the community. Thus, the development of school transport has become a strategic objective of the UAE government, with ET keen to support the sector through continuous improvement in the quality of provided services, the diversity of methods used, updating technological systems, and the development of related legislation and laws.

ET has a proud record in corporate social responsibility, with an emphasis on community support and a firm commitment towards sustainable business practices. It organises, for instance, the Emirates Transport Awards for Safety and Traffic Education, designed to spread awareness of safety during the transfer process. The awards focus on the principles of traffic education, creating a competitive platform between the various elements and categories within the school community. In addition, ET holds hundreds of programmes and training courses per year, targeting students, parents, drivers and bus supervisors.

ET’s efforts to promote safety awareness have been well recognised. It has received numerous awards over the years, including the 2018 International Arab Ideas Award in the category of technology for its project, ‘Safety Risk Assessment on School Bus Routes’.

The numbers this academic year alone tell the story

258,000 school students

7,000 school buses

8,700 routes

708 public and private schools

753 university buses

10,000 university students

Facilities that Keep your Children Safe

  • CCTV system with audio and video recording capability which is accessed wirelessly
  • External and internal cameras
  • All seats on the bus are equipped with seat belts
  • Fixed monitors for school buses, connected to the internal networks of the school transport service stations, to display awareness and educational material during the transport trips

How We Ensure Student Safety

  • A motion sensor works after two minutes of turning off the bus engine, and if it detects any movement within the bus the system immediately sends alerts to the operating room, and also issues a voice alert inside and outside the bus
  • A satellite tracking and GPS system signals the location of every single bus to the operating room at all times
  • An emergency button is located next to the driver used in emergency situations, which sends alerts to the operations room in cases of an accident or a breakdown

The Benefits of Using School Bus Transport

  • Kids make new friends
  • It teaches them time management skills
  • It is a more economically beneficial option
  • Lesser vehicles on the road make for a greener society

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