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Largest Virtual Education Fair in the UAE Announces New Dates

by Eddie Rayner

IDP Education, the leading international education service provider in the UAE, has announced new dates for its bi-annual Study Abroad Expo, running virtually this September. The Study Abroad expo, which happens twice a year, is aimed at helping students and parents from the UAE select their further education choices abroad.

After the success of the first virtual Study Abroad Expo in 2020, IDP Education will be hosting its third virtual expo on the 24-25 September 2021, from 10 am until 9 pm UAE time, and it is free to attend.

The Study Abroad Virtual Expo offers students and parents an opportunity to interact directly with university representatives virtually from all over the globe without having to travel. Instead, students can meet world-class universities and colleges from the comfort of their own homes. There are currently 85 confirmed university and college representatives from the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and Dubai attending the expo, who are all available for one-to-one meetings.

The two-day event will be held virtually on the 24-25 September 2021

Despite the current travel limits and uncertainty due to the pandemic, the virtual expo held earlier this year, in March 2021, was well attended and showcased a variety of serious applicants ready to plan for their future to study abroad. One student commenting on the expo said: “Covid-19 left a lot of students, myself included, feeling confused on how to move forward with our further education choices. But after attending the IDP Study Abroad Virtual Expo, I was able to ask all the questions I had and explore several options for studying abroad. I am now currently studying with the University of Central Lancashire and plan to travel to the UK this year,” says Sanska Dubey, an IDP Education student.

There are currently 85 confirmed university and college representatives

“Despite the challenges for international education, we are still seeing a demand and growth of students in the UAE wanting to go abroad for further education. These students are holding on to their study abroad goals and are very determined,” says Rashi Bhattacharya, the Country Director of IDP Education. “We are in regular contact with our students and ensure we update them on the latest regulations and procedures, which are changing frequently,” she said.

IDP combines experience and technology to help students get into their dream international course. Our global digital platform connects leading institutions, services, alumni with prospective students.  But these advantages would mean little without our expert people. Our highly trained counsellors are by our students’ side from the first course search until day one in the classroom and beyond. All of them are experts in ensuring students can submit quality, verified applications, resulting in a world-class education for our customers and genuine students for our institutional clients. 

To attend the IDP Study Abroad Virtual Expo, guests needs to register via the website: Here , and it is free to attend.