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Largest ARVR Content Library in Arabic Language

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The leading programme for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education, VRXOne is launching a host of new education features with Google Expeditions. The changes comprise some big revamps and enhancements in the application to benefit more students, and now with Arabic support. According to Alpen Capital Research Report, the total number of students in the GCC education sector is projected to reach 14.5 million in 2022, and they will all be using Arabic as their first language in public schools.

The latest edition platform is poised to reach millions of students for better access to education for all. A big step in this direction is opening access to a bigger audience by introducing lessons in six new languages, including Arabic. On a regional level, educators will welcome this move as a window for widespread adoption of the technology in classrooms. It will also provide a means to promote the region’s culture through a language native to hundreds of millions across the globe.

It will allow Arabic teachers to use Google Expeditions as an extended classroom tool and take an important step toward immersive learning, with VRXOne having already taken one million students on VR-based expeditions. The new update will enable an effective touch point between the Arabic language and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Furthermore, the most popular lessons will be available in Arabic and provide an enriching experience for students, supporting and motivating them to enjoy learning in their own language.

One of the top requests from educators had been the ability to create their own Virtual Reality lessons. This new feature was introduced with VRXOne in 2018. However, now teachers can do even more with their VR devices. VRXOne now enables them to share the Expeditions with the students in a classroom format. The lessons created by teachers will be experienced by students, who will be guided throughout Virtual Reality Expeditions by VRXOne.

Many Arabic trainers will also encourage their learners to create their own virtual lessons, share, and enjoy the experience in the classroom.