Kindling Kindness

by Eddie Rayner

A tolerant society begins with acts of kindness. In line with the Year of Tolerance, Mayoor Private School in Abu Dhabi built on that message through their campaign, Kindling Kindness.

Keeping in mind the holistic growth and development of students, the campaign was launched to encourage empathy and gratitude, by incorporating 17 sustainable goals of the United Nations.

Mayoor students, often known as Mayoorites, came up with ideas like designing and mailing special letters of gratitude to the Indian Army soldiers. As a sustainable school initiative, the necessity of passing on the valuable resources to the future generations and how to dispose of varied categories of waste was stressed on. A collection drive was organised by the school to collect paper, books, plastic bottles, cans and mobile phones. The kindergarten students joined the initiative by conducting a parade across the school to educate everyone with regards to air pollution with banners and facemasks.

Students were encouraged to be kind to themselves through healthy eating, and being kind to all human beings, animals, and the environment around them.

A kindness tree was designed, allowing students and staff to note down acts of kindness that they have witnessed and stick it on the tree. Other activities included the making of bookmarks, posters, and role-playing by the senior students to be enacted by the kindergarten tiny tots.

Join the movement and tag #KindlingKindness by sharing a kind message, video, or caption on Instagram on Mayoor Private School’s handle @mayooruae or on their Facebook page @MayoorPrivateSchoolAbuDhabi. You can also donate grains of rice to the underprivileged by answering questions on

The Kindness Tree at Mayoor Private School in Abu Dhabi during the campaign ‘Kindling Kindness’