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KDSL Global Releases Paper on Arts in MENA

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Education UAE | KDSL Global Releases Paper on Arts in MENA

KDSL Global has released a paper of interest to American Curriculum schools that examines the implementation of the National Core Arts Standards in the USA and in the MENA region. Published as the result of a three-year collaborative effort, the goal of these standards is to assist teachers in developing a PreK-12 curriculum that guides the enhancement of artistic literacy among learners. KDSL Global is a USA and UAE-based leading learning organisation focused on empowering educators and education businesses globally.

Lana Hallmark, Arts Consultant and Paper Author stated: “The opportunity to participate in telling the story of the National Core Arts Standards came at a timely moment for me. As I look ahead to the revision of the fine arts academic standards in Arkansas in the coming summer, having this fresh review of the background and goals of the NCAS will be invaluable and will certainly impact this important work for the students in my state.” 

She co-wrote the paper with Kevin Simpson (KDSL Global Managing Director) and Joyce Huser (the President of the State Education Agency Directors of Arts Education). Huser said: “The National Core Art Standards (NCAS) for the fine arts have provided a rich and in-depth guide for meeting the learning needs of students at the PreK-12 levels. They have also provided a resource for preparing pre-service teachers and guiding experienced educators in developing and providing a holistic arts education.

“With an emphasis on process-based learning, these standards have had a great impact on enhancing learning and applying real life application to learning. Students love this. While it is a challenge for teachers to transition from the old to the new standards, the professional development that has been provided has been invaluable in meeting the goals and intentions of these standards. I am pleased to have been a part of the writing process and continue to provide quality professional development in helping teachers understand these standards and how to implement them in their instruction.”

The paper features a list of arts resources, case studies, and results from surveys that would provide data regarding the implementation process. Questions educators and leaders responded to ranged from impression of the standards through to timeline, professional development, and more.