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Join the Young Leaders Conference on 27 March hosted by PwC’s Academy

by Eddie Rayner

PwC’s Academy, the education arm of PwC, is hosting their first virtual Young Leaders Conference: Developing the skills of the future on 27 March 2021 from 3pm-6pm. This conference is for all those looking for their next steps after high school and for looking for the right programme that will fast track their journey into the professional world. This event is an ideal opportunity to interact with a range of leaders, mentors and experts who will help individuals realise their potential and equip them with the skills needed to enter and thrive in the professional world.

Upskilling could lead to the net creation of 5.3 million new jobs by 2030.

Source: Upskilling for shared prosperity, a report by PwC and World Economic Forum

Key highlights of the conference:

  • Skills development workshops hosted by experts from PwC and LinkedIn.
  • An interactive panel discussion with experts from ACCA, UoL and PwC on the key skills in demand and how organisations and professional bodies are preparing individuals for the new workforce
  • An overview of the various pathways to success; 6-week accounting Diploma OR study + work at PwC as a Young Employable Scholar (YES) or good old ACCA prep
  • First hand insights shared by PwC employees and ACCA students on how their journey started and how they landed at the position they are today

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Learn more about PwC’s Academy or contact them at +971 56 511 4280.