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It’s Our World, Take Care of It

by Eddie Rayner

Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) has numerous campaigns throughout the year. These cover all sectors of the community, be it families, students, schools, or corporate entities, and are inclusive, interactive, educational, meaningful, and rewarding.

Neighborhood Recycling Project

EEG’s Neighborhood Recycling Project is running full speed, having welcomed over 120 students for its ninth edition. This yearly project requires young people to develop flyers and distribute them within a chosen period of time to their neighbours, encouraging them to meet targets for recyclable materials. When the minimum targets are met, the students will plant a tree under their own name at an EEG tree planting ceremony.

Recycle. Reforest. Repeat.

As an accredited organisation to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD), EEG’s annual paper recycling project ‘Recycle. Reforest. Repeat’ returned to honour the World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. For the fourth successive year, EEG invited different segments of society to participate in recycling practices and encouraged them to help combat desertification. The project took place from June 19 – July 19, with participants from all seven emirates.

Within January to July 2019, students have submitted:

8485kg of paper

75 pieces of toners

91kg of Aluminum cans

389kg of plastic

Students, schools, government entities, and the private sector have all contributed to:

Collecting 152,698kg of

Prevented 2,590 trees from being cut

Mitigated 590 metric tons of CO2

Saved 482m3 of landfill

Conserved 3,427 million BTU (British Thermal Unit) of energy