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Inspire your Child’s Imagination and Creativity

by Eddie Rayner

There are many different types of toys available on the market today, but toys are not all created equal. Toys set the basis for how children experience life, and the right ones can be tools for understanding rather than just trying to keep them busy. 

When using the right toys, a child’s development will dictate its use rather it becoming obsolete. This is the reason why open-ended toys are so fundamental to your child’s development; they foster play, creativity and imagination, and can be very educational too. 

These toys do not age or date and are not age specific. In a nutshell, they are toys that are powered by imagination, not batteries, thus allowing each child to play with the same toy in completely unique ways, depending on the child, the day, his/her imagination and desire. What’s more, open-ended toys will also save a little of your hard-earned cash, with you only having to invest in them once rather than buying new toys on, what feels like, a weekly basis. 

Here are the top sustainable and timeless toy picks available at www.EcoSouk.me that your little ones will be able to enjoy and grow with, as the years go by:

Grimms Rainbow (AED 385)

Every house needs a Grimms rainbow! A versatile toy that stacks, sorts, balances and builds whatever your imagination chooses. This open-ended toy will bring hours and hours of fun to babies and children of all ages. A classic toy that will grow with your child for years to come

Grimms Stepped Pyramid (AED 285 – 730)

Another timeless toy, the Grimms wooden Stepped Pyramid is a classic building and stacking toy, a firm favourite of kids of all ages. The vibrant shades of rainbow-inspired colours can be stacked in endless different ways, creating everything from a bridge or a fort to a classic pyramid or house. Watch your little ones’ creations grow as they build! Available in two pyramid sizes.

 Wobbel Boards (AED 495 – 785) 

The Dutch designed and made Wobbel Board is the most versatile toy you will ever buy. It is a classic balance board in a modern design and contemporary edition. The wooden toy made from pressed beechwood that moves young and old is an open-ended toy aimed at ages 0-100 and is able to hold up to 200kg. Suitable for any gender and all ages, there really are no rules when using Wobbel Boards. The open-ended nature of the Wobbel inspires creativity and pushes the boundaries of your little one’s imagination. Physically, the Wobbel supports by building strength, co-ordination, balance, mobility and motor skill and gives you an opportunity to let free and imagine while you play.

Olli Ella Play n’ Packs (AED 130) 

A bag full of travel fun! The Play n’ Pack is a backpack filled with imaginative play activities for small folk. Whether you are on the road, boat, plane, or at your favourite café, the Play n’ Pack will bring hours of creative fun for your little adventurer. Inside the drawstring backpack, you’ll find colouring rolls, stickers, non-toxic crayons, wooden toys and alphabet cards. Ready, get set, play!

Also available at Eco Souk are Piki Baskets (AED 155) and Luggy’s by Olli Ella (AED 325 – 620), which are the perfect accessories for sorting games. They are supportive of motor skills and great for independence too as children love the ability to collect, carry, store and pull along their own treasures. 

Grimms, Wobbel Boards, Olli Ella, Piki Baskets and Luggy’s are all available online at www.ecosouk.me with free UAE shipping.  These toys are un-themed and parents can be happy to know that they will stand the test of time. 

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