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Inhaling Possibility, Exhaling Creativity

by Eddie Rayner

The Grade 11 DP students at Greenfield International School have been working exceptionally hard despite the tight restrictions of Covid-19. Tough measures have been imposed on all our lives, but crisis can sometimes lead to innovative and thought-provoking examples of creativity. At Greenfield International School, nothing has tampered the enthusiasm or originality of the students. If examined closely, it is evident that the students have used their creativity as a form of catharsis; producing intricate works which demonstrates their passion for the visual arts.

The vibrancy and vivid colours of the rich tapestry of cultures that makes this IB school so special is evident in the wide-ranging artworks produced. The new restrictions have, in some ways, made the students more resilient, encouraging them to continue being creative in the classroom whilst developing positive and international perspectives. Throughout this period, they have worked with sustained effort to create works that reflect their own individual identities.

Covid-19 has meant that the students have not been able to travel to their home countries for quite some time. Wanderlust, discovery and staying connected to their native countries has found a creative outlet on the walls of the school’s classrooms. Each student has created expressive works of art that, in some way, is connected to or is representative of different aspects of their own cultural heritage and identity. The pandemic has facilitated the opportunity for students to create personal work that explores and often challenges them to think of art and identity in a wider and more global context.

The variety of works produced provides the community with a fascinating glimpse into the globally diverse and creative heritage of the school. The broad range of art, covering everything from Photoshop to a variety of painting styles, is testament to the conscientious efforts of the students. For many students, creating art has been a therapeutic activity in the time of a global pandemic that has enhanced their wellbeing. These examples shown here, it is hoped, will engage onlookers and stimulate them to pose questions about the role of art and creativity in shaping and reacting to circumstances beyond our control.