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iBird launches a new children’s favourite

by Eddie Rayner

First ever kids book featuring the fun, doodle character

Written by self-taught artist Saeed Attari, iBird is the first book in a jolly, fun series of kids books focusing on simple, everyday topics for kids to enjoy reading with parents or by themselves.

This is the first book by Jordanian artist Saeed Attari. He is the founder of iBird concept which is a simple sketch paired with real objects and photographed very uniquely to showcase the fun-loving, adventure seeking hand drawn character to creatively capture a nostalgic memory or a moment.

The artist came up with the idea of iBird inspired by his three kids He expressed how he has been fascinated by owning a pet parrot. “The Idea behind ibird is what I, a dad of three does in his spare time. It is about the pet I always dreamt of having. My kids are the biggest fans and source of inspiration and what got me into sketching this idea in the first place.”

“The iBird is a reflection of my own personality. I’m an outdoor person who enjoys having fun and traveling” he added.

The book is a simple, easy to understand story set in a jungle that depicts the importance of being nice to those weaker than you and not underestimating people’s potentials. The simple dialogue style allows for kids to remember and communicate the meaning of the story in their own words. The book is perfect for role playing reading and instilling a love for reading from a young age.

About the Author:

Jordanian based in Bahrain, Saeed Attari is largely a self-taught artist, best known for his immersive doodle art work that always narrates a story or an experience. He holds a Masters degree in Banking and Finance from the Sheffield Hallam University in London and the father of three is a full-time investment banker in Bahrain. His work, the character iBird has been featured in 2015 by Instagram, the leading photo and video social media platform. Saeed Attari is best known to use his artistic ability to manoeuvres doodle to creatively capture a nostalgic memory or a moment, making a mark with his unique perception of objects and situations.