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IB RESULTS: Outstanding performance by Dubai International Academy, Emirates Hills – 21 students score 40 and above points

by Eddie Rayner
  • 100% of Dubai International Academy (DIA), Emirates Hills’ IBDP students awarded the IB Diploma
  • The cohort achieved an average of 35 points, against a typical global average of 30 points

The 2020 IB Diploma Programme results have once again demonstrated the strength of Innoventures Education schools amongst the top ranking IB schools of the UAE.  Students at Dubai International Academy (DIA), Emirates Hills, were thrilled with their 2020 IBDP results. Despite the extraordinary circumstances they faced this year on account of the coronavirus pandemic, the graduating class of 2020 proved its mettle with all IBDP students at DIA Emirates Hills being awarded the prestigious IB Diploma, scoring an average of 35 points, against a typical global average of 30 points.

For DIA Emirates Hills, it is notable that not only have 37 students achieved a score of 38 points or more, but 89% of the graduating class has exceeded the world average of 30 points.

DIA Emirates Hills had the largest graduating cohort across Innoventures Educations schools, with 127 IB DP students, 6 IB Courses students and 7 IB Career Related Programme students. DIA Emirates Hills is one of the region’s premier IB World schools and the first to become a 4 programme continuum school.

The top scoring student, Jiya Rughwani, will be attending Tufts University, USA, to study Economics. DIA is also proud of the outstanding results achieved by an Emirati student, Shamma Ali Ibrahim Younus who scored 41 points and will be attending New York University Abu Dhabi with 100% scholarship.

A jubilant Jiya exclaimed, “The IB Diploma Programme has been a rewarding and transformative journey that shaped my thought process to view the world with a holistic perspective. I am grateful for my teachers who went beyond the classroom setting to make each step of learning reflective of the ever-changing world we live in. DIA has inculcated me with the values of community and personal growth, and I aspire to carry these forward while studying Economics at Tufts University and beyond.”

Shamma Younus expressed “I am truly delighted with the outcome of my IB results, and I’m glad to know that all of my efforts have come to fulfillment. I firmly believe that this achievement is the culmination of my 15 years at DIA under the tutelage of the IB curriculum, and I’m truly thankful for the experiences that I’ve had here and for the life lessons that I’ve learned from students and faculty alike. As for the future, I look forward to implementing the life and academic skills that I’ve gained as an IB student, and I hope to put them to good use as I move ahead with the next stage of my life.”

The DIA Emirates Hills class of 2020 students secured admissions to top ranking universities such as University of Cambridge, University of California – Berkley, Duke University, University of Michigan, Georgia Tech, Carnegie Mellon University, Imperial College, Kings University, University College London, Erasmus University, University of Toronto, University of British Colombia, McGill University, University of Melbourne, Hong Kong University and University of Amsterdam.

Highlights of the school’s IB Diploma Programme results are:

  • DP cohort of 127 students with 100% pass rate
  • DP points average is 35
  • 21 DP students (16.5%) scored 40 and above points out of the total 45 points
  • 47.2% DP students scored above 35 points
  • 89% DP students scored above 30 points

DIA’s first cohort of Career Related Programme students also excelled with 100% pass rate and received their first choice University place. The top scoring student Swarashri Shridhar achieved distinctions in all 12 units of the BTEC and scored 6 in all 3 IBDP subjects. All 7 graduating students have received offers for under-graduate courses from institutions such as Middlesex University Dubai, Brunel University London, Deakin University, ESIC Madrid Business and Marketing School, American University in Dubai and Heriot Watt University

Highlights of the school’s IB Career related Programme results are:

  • 100% pass rate
  • Six students achieving the highest possible grade of D*D* in their BTEC
  • All students accepted into their first-choice universities to further their studies

Congratulating the students, Jayne Needham, Principal of DIA noted, “The results reflect the nature of this resilient and amazing cohort.  We are proud of their achievements and congratulate them on their results. They are part of our DIA family and we look forward to hearing of their future successes. Congratulations class of 2020.”

Hitesh Bhagat, Head of Secondary School commented, “Congratulations to our students and teachers on their excellent success. I had complete faith in this cohort to come out with flying colors. The graduating class has been through these unprecedented times but has fought like superheroes to achieve these wonderful results. They have been true ambassadors of our school motto, Dream-Inspire-Achieve.”

Pam Parasram, Deputy Head & Diploma Coordinator added, “Our students were able to weather this unusual storm and we are delighted and proud with their results; we wish them well as they move into their future studies.”