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Hooray! School is starting…. ready or not?

by Eddie Rayner

As I know from having heard from many of you over the past few weeks, people are feeling very excited to see the students again and are perhaps also feeling apprehensive or overwhelmed.

If you are feeling a bit of both sides of the spectrum rest assured that you are not alone. And, we can also remember, the families and students who are jumping into the deep end of school with you are feeling many of the same emotions. It’s a crazy time we are living in.

As you head back in, remember to take time for YOU.  You have got to keep well mentally and physically to be able to show up for your students. Below is an invitation to our Thriving Teachers course, which can be done on your own time anytime for 1 CEU. Consider it to be a little gift to give yourself.

And for administrators looking to provide wellness opportunities for your faculty, Northshore Coaching & Consulting is offering a webinar series on cultivating resiliency during the year ahead.  It can start anytime. We have already begun facilitation with schools and you can read about what people are saying below.

Everyone stay safe and healthy. Thanks for all you do for our children!


Feedback from teachers

Thank you for creating a wonderful space for us to reflect. Look forward to spending more time and learning from you this year!

I loved the daily vision statement and reminder to make short goals with the kids.

One big takeaway I had is that I need to consistently “take the temperature” of our students and us and to model the initiation of those kinds of conversations. Thank you for the ideas!

It was so nice to be reminded that we are not alone in this. We can do this.

Workshop Highlights

Cultivating Resilience: Taking what we learned from COVID to improve our practices

After a year unlike any other, this workshop is perfect for the 2021-2022 school year.  The focus of this training is on positivity and growth and will provide educators with a toolbox of easily implemented strategies they can use to enhance their ability to cultivate resilience, which will in turn promote teacher satisfaction and wellbeing. Each strategy provided in the training can be implemented in the classroom setting, with students as well.

*This workshop can also be delivered throughout the year as a six-part webinar series.

Check out the workshop handout here, or forward this email to your admin to see if Cultivating Resilience might be a good fit for your school.

Remember Friends…

To find out more, visit  http://www.northshorecc.org/ or contact Jessica direct at [email protected]